I got pro-active again today and tackled the entertainment unit, my bedside table and my computer table.
The dust that was on the entertainment unit was downright embarrassing, even worse was how dirty the TV screen is. When there is a huge different in the quality of the colors after you clean it, you know that it was really putrid to begin with. I am not even going to explain how different my computer screen looks now, let’s just say it was on par with the TV.
I also got ALL of the washing up done. No more odd containers laying in the corner gathering dust. I can actually see my toaster now rather than it being buried behind mounds of dirty dishes.
Last but not least, the bathroom also got a clean as well. Go me!
If the cleaning wasn’t enough, I also went out and finally brought some new bras and a travel journal.
Maybe I am on the way to a more organised me.


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