More Motivation

The bar is now clean. All the crap that was on it has either been thrown away or put away where it belongs. The only things that are on there now are a box of tissues and a picture of Lela and Rory.

I also cleaned the sink. The damn thing gleams across the room at you now. Also I found out that our taps are really a bright red color and not the dull red I thought they were. However, in getting stuck into cleaning the taps, the cold tap fell off and I had to get Lela to put it back on again. I must learn not to be so vigorous in my cleaning that I break things.

I am seeing so many places that need to be cleaned. I must remember that the house didn’t get messy in a day, so I shouldn’t expect to clean it all in a day. Hopefully, I will get the place looking half-way decent before we go away, so that no nasty creepy crawlies will take over the place whilst we are gone.


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