Why You Need To Support Gay Marriage

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It’s so shit like this doesn’t happen to your family, your friends or your neighbours because no one deserves to have this happen… ever.

How appalling that a gay couple who had legal documents (wills, power of attorney etc) in place were separated at the time of their greatest need of each other, thrown in separate nursing homes and weren’t able to be together when one of them died.  It is so inhumane, so wrong.

I’m sick of my workmates asking why I want gay marriage to be legal here in Australia when I should be happy with what I have got, which is barely no legal rights whatsoever just a few tax breaks & the government calls this crap reform.  This is precisely why I want it.

I don’t give a shit what people call it – call it marriage, call it civil union call it anything you like, but what gay couples need is legal recognition of their partnership that can never be thrown out of a court of law because of what mood a judge is in.

It is our right.  It isn’t a fucking privilege.

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7 responses to “Why You Need To Support Gay Marriage

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  2. That story is absolutely sickening. The defenders of bigotry always say thing like this can’t happen, but they do and will continue to for as long as bigotry and inequality is legally supported and promoted by our government.

    As I said at the end of my blog post, religious bigotry should NOT be seen as a virtue, it should be a source of severe embarrassment.

  3. Horrifying. At least this case is drawing attention in the American blogosphere (don’t know about the MSM but they are generally hopeless, and hardly relevant any more). It is yet another unanswerable proof that the status quo is intolerable.

    Gay marriage is moving forward here in the US. It’s a terribly slow, hard slog against the forces of religious bigotry, but we are making progress. Once it happens nationally here, I think it will help break down the resistance in whichever other developed countries do not yet have it.

  4. This is so wrong! There are so many things I could say to this but all I can think of is it is wrong!
    On the other hand, I just seen an article about a bill signed that allows same sex couples in the hospital with their partners now and if the hospital refuses, they lose government aide. Now how much this will hold up or what loops holes will be found, hard to tell, but it is a start.

  5. well said. couldn’t agree more.

  6. ‘workmates asking why I want gay marriage to be legal here in Australia when I should be happy with what I have got’

    that shocks me. Like saying to a childless couple that they have friends with kids and that should be enough.

  7. It’s sad that people are treated in such manners in this day and age.

    I recently had a friends fiance suddenly pass away and their daughter was taken away by her deceased partner’s family. She is still looking into legal recourse to get custody of their little girl.