Religious Imbecile Of The Week

This week’s religious imbecile of the week goes to Bishop Porteous and the Sydney Catholic Church for believing so strongly that Harry Potter & Twilight expose young people to ideas about the occult & opens the way for the devil that they are hiring a full-time exorcist. Porteous also believes that Eastern relaxation tips like yoga and tai chi encourage experimentation with ‘deep dark spiritual ideas & traditions’.  That’s right, all those old people doing tai chi to help relieve the pain of arthritis are actually channelling the devil, who knew.

Good to see that the Sydney Catholic Church is keeping the intolerance of cultures different to theirs alive and well in the 21st century.

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4 responses to “Religious Imbecile Of The Week

  1. Really REALLY wishing my online identity was anonymous right now… o.O

  2. I think that maybe Bishop Porteous has been channelling spirits himself.

    The type of spirits that come from a bottle….

  3. Sad to see the ignorance that is spread. So doing all those things are evil and working with the devil but what is going on with the child sex abuse and the pope and vatican is ok? I think some catholics have their priorites screwed up a bit.