On Hiatus, kinda

You may have notice that I haven’t posted for over a week and even before that my posting was on the sketchy side.  My brain chemistry has taken a turn for the worse and I need to get it sorted out.  Don’t worry, I’m not about to become intimate with a razor blade or anything drastic like that.  However, it has left very little head space for blogging.  Then again, the way my head is at the moment, I may turn into a blogging fiend tomorrow and spam you all with 10 posts a day.  I just wanted to touch base with those of you who are kind enough to read my blog to let you know what is going on and the reason for the lack of updates.  If I stop posting on Twitter you will know it’s time to panic about my welfare.

On an unrelated note,  I have these Bonds underwear with Bonds written around the waistband.  However, the spacing is out of whack so instead of reading BONDSBONDSBONDSBONDS it read SB OND SB OND SB OND. I am finding this more unsettling then I really should.

12 responses to “On Hiatus, kinda

  1. My compression socks leave the word SKINS etched into my calves. The word runs a different way on each leg. The asymmetry bothers me.

  2. Thanks for touching base. I’m wondering if it’s spreading as I seem to have the same problem. It’s close to the Autumn meridian, I’m hoping there is a relationship between that and brain chemistry.

    Hoping it sorts itself out for you and everything is fine again.

    On a side note, I got angry with my windows laptop and head butted the keyboard three times. Now I have the imprint of 666 on my forehead. :)

    • My issues have been going on for quite some time but I have not wanted to deal with them and thus tried to ignore them. However, I’ve reached the point where I can’t do that any longer. So nothing to do with the autumn meridian, just a pure coincidence of timing.

  3. I have the same underwear.

    And I find that strangely comforting.

    Look after you, a blogging break is good. Best thing I did.

    • You find the freaking mis-spaced BONDS logo comforting? You are a strange woman. :)

      Unlike you, my blogging break isn’t due to a life threatening stroke, I am just being a drama queen. :P

  4. glad you’re putting you first :) we’ll be waiting for you with our RSS readers…

  5. thinking warm felines for you. xox