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Laughter is the best medicine

Welcome to this week’s ‘Laughter is the best medicine’.

This SNL skit of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Amy Posser as Hilary Clinton is brilliant.  Tina Fey just nails Palin’s accent – it quite frightening actually.

Keeping on the Sarah Palin theme is this wonderful picture from Pundit Kitchen

The people behind LOLCats have launched LOLCelebs and they are just priceless. Here are my favourite ones;

From the world of bizarre news stories comes this story from the Sydney Morning Herald about a fashion show in Japan to celebrate adult nappies.

This was all to make nappies appear more attractive. I’m sorry, but nappies will never be attractive even if supermodels wear them on the catwalk.

That is all for this week’s Laughter is the best medicine.  I hope it brought a smile to your face.

Remember if you want to contribute anything to next week’s instalment, pop it in the comments.


Laughter is the Best Medicine

Last night I went to see Bill Bailey perform his stage show, “Tinselworm”. I have never laughed so hard in my life.  I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and I could barely breathe.  After the show, I felt completely relaxed and much freerer than I have felt in quite some time.  Whilst watching the madness that is Bill Bailey I was aware that my legs hurt, but I really didn’t care, I was too busy laughing. It is true that laughter is the best medicine.

Therefore, I want to create a weekly blog post containing some of the funniest stuff out there on the web so I can add some laughter into everyone’s life, especially for that those of you with a chronic illness.  I want you guys to forget about all the pain, the fatigue and the other crap that goes along with being a professional patient, even if it is only for a couple of minutes.

If you know of a funny video, song, blog post, comic, photo or anything else you can find online, send it my way and I will put the best of them up in the Laughter is the Best Medicine blog post.

To inspire you, here is another funny Englishman, the gorgeous Eddie Izzard and his famous Cake or Death routine.

Finding the funny side of chronic illness

Chronic illness is pretty depressing – lots of pain, fatigue, mobility impairment and unpleasant medical tests. Your social life becomes non-existent and you mourn for the life you used to have.  However, there is a funny side to chronic illness as you find yourself in strange situations that you would have never imagined when you were healthy.

When I first began taking Lyrica I was warned about the dizziness so I start it on a weekend and spent the whole time wondering who had moved all the walls in my house.  What I was not prepared for was another dose of dizziness a week later whilst walking to work through the Devonshire tunnel with the rest of the rat race.  In front of hundreds of people, I began walking into the tunnel walls. Step, step, run into wall.  Step, step, run into wall.  Highly embarrassing at the time, but damn funny now.  Whilst I don’t have MS, I really wish I was wearing this shirt from Med Tees.

The gorgeous people over at But You Don’t Look Sick have complied a whole page of Sick Humor including You know you have lupus when.., a hysterically funny list containing quite a few things I have done thanks to my lovely illness. Also, on the But You Don’t Look Sick message board is a wonderful list of most embarrassing medical moments.  If you are having a bad day, these stories will definitely put a smile on your face and a blush on your checks as you recall finding yourself in similar situations.

Another site that will provide much laughter is the wonderful Med Tees.  I was having a look at all the shirts this evening and Lelak, my girlfriend, threatened to take my laptop away as I had turned bright red from laughing so hard.

One of my favourite shirts is this one for bilateral leg amputees.

When my IBS is playing up, I want to have a shirt that reads, “My farts hospitalise small children”.  I think it is only fair to warn people.

Ahh, yes, chronic illness, out of so much pain can come so much laughter. It is really the only way we can stay sane.

Weird Slavic Rehab Guy

A very long day today full of surgery, but it was lacking in grooms and stupid clients, so all in all it was a good day.
We had a dog from the pound come in to be desexed before going to rescue. When we palpated her bladder during the routine exam, it felt like there was a rock in there. Sure enough, there was a huge bladder stone – about 4cm in diameter. I got a little bit over-excited when I saw it. I need to get a life outside of work, I think. The dog, which we named Eliza, also has a fractured radius which will need to be repaired. Apparently, she was so matted in the pound, that her front legs were matted to her body – how gross is that?
Weird Slavic rehab guy was also in today. I am not sure why anyone would pick a vet clinic to do rehab work in. It is an extremely physical job and you need to have enough strength to pick up heavy dogs and equip and be on your feet all day. Not sure why this is helpful for someone who has problems even walking. Anyway, rehab guy is even worse than useless and he has this incredible knack of always being in my way, especially in surgery. I lost count of the number of times I had to ask him to move so that I could access the patient in order to give injection or rehydrate body parts. He never asks what needs to be done and he seems to lose interest in a job halfway through and just stops doing it. When you are busy, the last thing you need to do is babysit someone, therefore, Kerri and I just left him in the operating room watching surgery. We have another 3 months of him… *sigh*

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Abuse and SPOs

Nothing bad happened to me today – so much for that Egyptian Day of Torment. Although now I have insulted it, I will probably get bad karma biting my ass tomorrow.
I did have an influx of stupid clients today though. Firstly a lady that rings up the clinic and asks me if I am the nurse or the vet. I tell the truth, that I am the nurse. She then says, “I don’t want to talk to you. I want to talk to the vet about whether I should bring my dog in or not.” Well, sorry for fucking existing. Actually, I am more than qualified to tell her if her dog needs veterinary attention – that’s a large part of my job.
Then we get a guy in with his Australian terrier to examine a tumor that has began to split. This mammary tumor is almost larger than the dog. It goes from the dogs’ belly and stops about an inch away from the ground. Why, it has taken him this long to do anything is completely beyond me. He had a whole sob story about being on dialysis and this dog being the only thing worth living for. Now, this dog is not a young dog and I hold grave hopes about this dog surviving the surgery. So that should add to the excitement quota for tomorrow.
An update on the dying from heart failure dog I wrote about last week, well, it is still alive and now going for short walks in the park. He is looking great, but his owners are arseholes, and as the vet said, they don’t deserve to have this dog survive. You do not turn up at 6:50pm without an appointment and expect your dog to be groomed and given a battery of tests and you certainly don’t abuse the vet nurse either. Then when you do bother to book your dog in for a day in hospital, you don’t wait until 6:45pm to pick it up! They honestly have no idea how severe the condition that their dog has and were horrified to learn that it won’t live until it is 14. If it sees its next birthday, it will be a miracle. Gods, people piss me off. Hmmm… maybe I did have that Egyptian Day of Torment after all, and I haven’t even started to go on about the weird rehab Slavic man we have working at our clinic three days a week now.

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