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The Ultimate Blog Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2008I stumbled across this today and thought, ‘why the hell not’. It is for women only (sorry guys) and despite being advertised on a mommy blog with a strong Christian bend to it, it is supposed to be for all female bloggers regardless of religious affiliation or parental status, but you do need to keep your “party post” family friendly. I am not sure how a childless agnostic dyke is going to go amongst this crowd, but what the hell, I am always up for some free traffic and some more fabulous readers like your good selves.

Click on the picture next to this post and come along and join the party!

Now to decide what to serve at this shindig and I guess I am going to have to tidy up this place before everyone comes around.


Views from an office window

I am a bit stuck for what to write about today, but since I signed up to NaBloMoPo I have to post something.  So in keeping with the theme of lists, here is a list of things I can see from my office window;

1. Pigeons, and lots of them, walking around in the sunshine

2. A group of people sitting in a circle on the grass eating lunch

3. A garbage bin that is so full that rubbish has flowed onto the ground around it

4. An old looking bike leaning against a sign (I’m surprised no one has stolen it)

5.  A toddler making a quick getaway from his mother who is carrying his younger sibling

6. People sitting on the benches, smoking.

Not really that much going on outside my window.

In other unrelated news, the February listings have come out for Top 100 Australian Women’s Blogs.  I have fallen from 76 to 79.  I really need to get out there and start promoting my blog.

Lesbian Geek

Daphne and VelmaI have found my newest favourite site, Lesbian Geek. It is about all things geeky like rpgs, sci-fi tv shows and gadgets with a lesbian spin on it. I am so excited. It is like everything I love on one website. I am in love.

I have also stumbled across where all the lesbian bloggers are hanging out. Unfortunately, they all appear to be American, but I won’t hold that against them. Somewhere there has to be Aussie lesbian bloggers, right? It may take me a while, but I will find them. In the meantime, I am having a great Sunday morning reading through all my new found lesbian blogs. Quite a few of them have made it onto my Google reader. I am really going to have to find more hours in the day to read all the blogs I want to read and start actually commenting on them.


Nothing tastes better than a peanut butter sandwich made with fresh bread except perhaps a devon and tomato sauce sandwich made with fresh bread, which is why I had both.

Took the dogs for an hour long walk which included a romp in the dog park. That was followed by a hydrobath care of our fabulous dog wash lady.  The kids are now beautiful and clean and crashed out asleep in the lounge room.  As they say a tired dog is a good dog.

I have been playing around with my blog design.  I definitely like this one better than my old one.   What do you all think of it?


Thank you so much for all your thoughts and opinions on the name for my new pet care blog.  As you can probably tell I have decided on Petulance – the information blog for Australian Pet Owners.  The majority of people seemed to prefer the name, plus it means that my blog will not be restricted to answering and discussing pet problems, but I can also talk about current issues involving pets, holidaying with pets and everything pet related that I could possibly think about.

At the moment, I am busy working on the design layout over at Petulance, so please excuse all the mess.  I plan to launch the site on Monday 28th January *crossed fingers*, so please come over for the grand opening.

In the meantime, if you have any pet questions, please submit them using the nifty Submit A Question page  or if you have any post ideas, great sites to link to or anything else, then put them in the Contact Me page.

Don’t worry, I won’t be abandoning you guys over here for the furry pet world, but I may be a little quiet over the next few days as I tinker around.  Then again, I might be very loud as I vent about all the things I have stuffed up.