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Today’s WTF Moment

News broke over the weekend of a mother who killed her autistic son with a drug cocktail and then tried to kill herself.  It’s an absolute tragedy and therefore it is no surprise that many people are writing about it.  Mike Adams who runs Natural News, a site that promotes alternative medicine, also wrote an article about this horrible event, but instead of focusing on the lack of support services for children with disabilities and their families or because Adams’ is an anti-vaxxer, bringing out that old false argument that vaccination causes autism, he went completely off the deep end.  Adams’ used this tragedy to hit out at pharmaceutical companies or as he refers to them, Big Pharma.  Apparently Big Pharma fosters a culture of death because if people overdose on their medication it will kill them.  Adams seems to have forgotten that almost any substance known to man can kill you if consumed in large enough quantities, even water.

If this argument wasn’t completely mind-bending to those of us that think rationally, he then goes on to say Big Pharma executives are mentally insane because they take the medications that their companies produce and because this poor mother who killed her son was an executive of a pharmaceutical company, it was little wonder she killed her son and tried to kill herself.  Adams’ then goes on to say that the mother was probably on anti-depressants and this is even more reason why she did what she did.

Seriously WTF Mike Adams!  Did someone replace your brain with mashed potatoes??  You seem to lack any compassion for what this woman went through that made her do what she did and instead are using her tragedy to promote your anti-pharmaceutical viewpoint.  It is sickening and quite frankly insane.

If the article itself wasn’t enough to liquefy your brain, then take a read of the comments.  It takes the insanity to a whole new level.  The readers of Natural News seriously believe that the increase in violence in society highlighted by multiple high school shootings around the world is all caused by mind control lasers that are being used by shadowy organisations to increase the sales of pharmaceutical drugs and take away people’s rights to own guns.  Clearly their logic is not like our Earth logic.

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