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An Unexpected Vacation

Australian basketball player Lauren Jackson.Image via Wikipedia

I am off work for the next two days as I have done some damage to my left thumb thanks to my thumb joints being hypermobile.  The doctor really isn’t sure what I have done because honestly how often do you see someone in your office who can dislocate their thumbs as naturally as bending a finger.  She thinks I have probably inflammed some ligaments so I can’t work for the next two days and when I go back on Friday I am not allowed to use my left hand to type.  Typing one handed is seriously driving me insane – it feels so unnatural and takes so bloody long.

Fortunately, I picked up the latest installment in Elizabeth Moon’s Vatta War series before I went to the doctor’s last night, so I have a really good book to read whilst I try not to use my left hand for anything.

Tonight, I am heading off to the Entertainment Centre to see the Australia Opals (Women’s basketball team) play Brazil in a warm up game to the Beijing Olympics.  I am so excited to see Lauren Jackson and Penny Taylor play in Australia again, plus the girls from my home team Sydney Flames that made it onto the Olympic squad.  We have front row seats right behind the Opals bench, so we will be up close to all the action.

Now to get through the day without killing all the telemarketers that keep calling.

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An Early Mark

I got told to go home at 3:45pm. A full hour and 45 minutes early. Then when I got home I found I had the internet. Truly a wonderful afternoon all round.

This evening I am heading off to Sydney Uni to watch the Flames take on the Bendigo Spirit in the WNBL. Since Bendigo just joined the league this year I have not had a chance to see them play, so I am really looking forward to tonight’s game.

However, now I have to go and rescue my sock which was stolen by a thieving beagle. The stolen sock was inside my sneaker which was up on a chair. How she even knew the sock was there is beyond me. Maybe her senses tingle when a sock is lying nearby unguarded.

I will leave you with a picture of something else that Rory likes to steal – Lelak’s underwear. I learnt very early on to always put my undies in the laundry basket.

Beagle with Undies

Work and Basketball

This morning at work was a nightmare, just as I predicted. To start off the day, the cat with pancreatitis bit me on the arm. It wasn’t a nasty bite, just two parallel scratches that hurt like hell and are now all red and inflamed. Thank you horrible cat!

The rescue lady arrived an hour and a half late and left half an hour after closing – and that was only cause I was so rude to her and continually commenting on the time. I swear she would have been there for most of the day if I didn’t keep at her that I had better places to be. The clinic is still a total mess cause we couldn’t get anything done with her, her people and her millions of dogs taking up every available space and cage. I am definitely going to try to put an end to her coming to the clinic on Saturdays, we have precious little time to do the things that need to be doing let alone trying to accommodate her. Hopefully, she will be too swamped with dogs to pile the work on us this week.

To make the day worse, my WNBL team the Sydney Uni Flames lost the Grand Final. They didn’t a play a good defensive or offensive game, and were playing catch up basketball for most of the game. Still they only lost by 5 points. Maybe next year, we will get someone who can get those rebounds. Rebounding has been the team’s major downfall for the past two years.

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