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The Great Astrology Debate

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My post on The Skeptic versus The Astrologer has generated a rather heated debate at times.  Just this week alone I have been called a nutter and have been informed all skeptics are the devil.  Obviously tempers run high when you write a post saying that you don’t believe in astrology.

I’m curious to see the level of belief in astrology in society and how many people regularly read their horoscopes, even if it is just for fun.

Therefore I have set up two polls.

My survey on whether scientists are more likely to be atheists than non-scientists and what growing up in a religious household has on your religious beliefs is still ongoing, so if you haven’t registered your views, please do.

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The Skeptic versus the Astrologer

Channel 7’s Sunrise  had skeptic and host of Australia’s The Skeptic Zone, Richard Saunders and Australia’s leading astrologer and psychic Milton Black talk about astrology on the show this morning. I think the poor presenter David Koch was thoroughly confused by the end of it.

What I found most interesting is that Richard has thrown down the gauntlet to Milton Black to prove that astrology is accurate.  I look forward to the test that Richard devises and seeing how accurate Milton’s astrology charts really are.

What is your opinion of the interview?  Did Richard do a good job of discrediting astrology or did Milton prove that astrology is accurate?

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