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Pictures That Describe My Working Day


My Day of Epic Failure

Ever had a day where everything that can go wrong does go wrong and then the day seems to drag in some failure from some other days just to make things worst?  Well that was my day today.  It was over full of epic failure. The kind of failure that puts the fear of God or job loss into you.

I would like to say that it has all ended well, but I am still at work and have another hour of the work day to go.  My day could possibly get even worse.  I am not entirely sure how, but I am sure that if the Powers That Be wanted it to, they could find a way.

Still my day is looking up.  After work we are having a work get together and will be playing Rock Band.  This could be a lot of fun or it could be one of the most embarrassing experiences of my life.  Hey, Powers That Be, if you are looking to cause more pain in my day here is the perfect opportunity for total humiliation in front of my whole company.

So how do you get over a day of epic failure?  How do you get back the courage to do things again after you have royally fucked up?  Or alternatively provide me with tales of your day of epic failure so that I don’t feel so alone in Failsville.

Disgusting Office Habits

Toe Nail Clipper

Image by chronologie2 via Flickr

Two of my co-workers have developed a rather disgusting habit – they have started to cut their fingernails whilst sitting at their desk.  It is not as disgusting as some of the things I guess they could start doing at their desks, but still it annoys me.  For me, personal hygiene tasks should be performed in the privacy of your own home or at the least in the bathroom.  I could understand if you get a broken nail you might need to do some emergency repairs, but this is not is what is going on here.  Both of them (one male, one female) get out their nail clippers, reposition the bin and start cutting all ten nails.  I am concerned that one day they will move onto their toenails.

Since now has a poll feature, I am going to run a poll.  This will probably prove that I am just overreacting about the whole cutting the fingernails at the desk thing.

Whilst you are here, let me know about the disgusting habits of your co-workers so that I feel good that all my guys are doing are cutting their fingernails.

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I got my current job just over a year ago when, because of my illness, I could no longer work as a veterinary nurse or veterinary technician as they called in the US. I loved my old job, it was my dream job and illness took it from me. My current job I took because it was in an office (so I could sit down all day) and involved computers. I had no idea what a digital technology solutions company did and knew nothing about the online advertising industry. I walked into a job doing customer support knowing absolutely nothing and it was a very steep learning curve.

On Friday, I was promoted twice from my entry level position (tier 1 customer support). Firstly, to a technical account manager (tier 2 customer support ) and secondly to become the joint team leader of the customer support department. Okay, so my department is small (4 people), but I am now the Operations Team Leader. I am not entirely sure what the involves as it is a brand new position, but I am sure I will soon find out.

Part of me is pretty excited whilst the rest of me is shit scared.  Everyone at work thinks very highly of me and my ability to do this job.  I am so scared that I am not going to live up to their expectations and fuck things up.

Then there is the evil part of me who can’t wait until the brown noser of the department (who was away on Friday) learns that S is now longer our manager and that RV and I are now in charge.  Poor guy has spent so long making sure that S thinks he is the god’s gift to this company whilst showing the rest of us his true colours. Really not sure how he is going to handle it.

Work is certainly going to be interesting for the next couple of weeks.

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A note to a certain publisher

Please do not create fake ad tags to “prove” that you implemented the ad properly, cause I will make you look like an idiot and I will enjoy it immensely.  In fact, it will make my day.

Hell with fluorescent lighting

I used to enjoy my job.  I liked the people and I liked the work, but something has changed over the last 4 months. It has gone from a fun place to work to a place where management thinks it is okay to bully and harass staff.  Just when you think it can’t get any worse, management finds a new way to destroy your soul.

We have had two staff member resign within a couple of days from each other because of the way they have been treated by management.  Even then management didn’t let up, they kept up their regime of harassment, one staff member was told to leave a week early one hour before close of business so we could not have a proper farewell for her and the other staff member was bullied by management on her last day and left in tears.

I am getting out of there as soon as I have a new job as is most of my department, which is now down to four people.  Still the stress of having to deal with all this shit is not doing me any good.  Every morning as I head into work I wonder how bad the day is going to be and if I will finally crack and speak my mind which will no doubt get me fired.


For the past three days I have battled with a sinus infection.  I have mucus dripping down the back of the throat, my teeth on one side of the top of my mouth are sore and generally I just feel awful.  I have problems talking for long periods of time cause everything gets all blocked up, which made the two training sessions I had to run today bloody difficult.  Yeah, I feel like shit.  I have also had a really tough week at work, so I am looking forward to the weekend.

Tomorrow at work, our upper management are cooking the entire company breakfast.  Our CEO, marketing manager, CFO and Managing Director are putting on their chef hats and are whipping up a cooked breakfast for everyone.  This makes me kinda nervous.  CEOs don’t cook breakfast for everyone just because they feel like it.  I hope whatever news they are going to deliver tomorrow is good news.