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Why You Need To Support Gay Marriage

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It’s so shit like this doesn’t happen to your family, your friends or your neighbours because no one deserves to have this happen… ever.

How appalling that a gay couple who had legal documents (wills, power of attorney etc) in place were separated at the time of their greatest need of each other, thrown in separate nursing homes and weren’t able to be together when one of them died.  It is so inhumane, so wrong.

I’m sick of my workmates asking why I want gay marriage to be legal here in Australia when I should be happy with what I have got, which is barely no legal rights whatsoever just a few tax breaks & the government calls this crap reform.  This is precisely why I want it.

I don’t give a shit what people call it – call it marriage, call it civil union call it anything you like, but what gay couples need is legal recognition of their partnership that can never be thrown out of a court of law because of what mood a judge is in.

It is our right.  It isn’t a fucking privilege.

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Leaping into Marriage

Wedding RingsThe Scotts in 1288 made a decree that in a leap year, but only in a leap year, a woman has the right to propose marriage to any man she likes – and if the would-be husband refuses, he’s liable to a £100 fine.

Now I believe that a woman should be able to propose to her partner any time she damn well pleases, but the romantic in me thinks that is would be pretty special for a woman to propose to her love one on the 29th February (the Scottish part of me also likes this idea too). It would make for a great story to tell at the wedding reception.

I must admit I am sickened by women who go to extraordinary lengths to get their boyfriends to propose to them simply because it is the proper thing for the man to be doing all the proposing. If you desperately want to marry someone, then bloody well ask them, tradition be damned. I am sick of hearing women whine about how they want to get married but their boyfriend won’t ask them and then spending a stupidly long amount of time trying to push the poor fellow into proposing to them. Have they ever stopped to think that maybe there is a reason why the guy hasn’t asked them and that is because he doesn’t want to marry her or is just not ready for that level of commitment at this time in his life. Then I get to wondering how many of these forced engagements/marriages end up in divorce? Has anyone done a study on this?

There is a reason that the powers that be made me a dyke and that is because I have zero tolerance level for all this stupid “the man must do this because it is tradition” stuff that seems to dominate the lives of a scarily large percentage of women. Also the thought of planning a traditional wedding with the dresses, bridesmaids and reception is my version of hell. If Australia ever gets off its ass and let’s same sex couple get married, my marriage will be a simple ceremony and then a BBQ in the backyard with all of our family and friends. Extremely casual and no-fuss.

Gays deserve equal rights, except in the areas where it matters

The new leader of Liberal party, Dr Brendan Nelson has come out today in support of economic and social rights for gay couples, but remains steadfastly against gay marriage, gay adoptions and access to IVF for gay couples. What this means is that it is okay for gay couples to be considered the same as hetrosexuals under the taxation law, but where it really matters, we aren’t considered equal at all.

What does this standpoint really mean for gay couples? Well, we will be able to get the same tax break as heterosexual couples, access to the same social security benefits as heterosexual couples and lesbian mothers will no longer be able to claim to single parent payment as their partnerships will be recognised by the social security system.
However, in terms of what this standpoint means for gay families – a big fat nothing. We are still not allowed the same legal recognition of our partnerships as heterosexuals and gays are still considered completely unfit to have and raise children.

Unfortunately this the viewpoint of both sides of politics. If you are gay, you are unfit to be a parent simply based on the fact that you happen to love someone of the same sex as you. However, if you are gay, you are deemed a good enough parent and role model to be a foster career. That’s right, we are not deemed fit enough to raise our own children, but we are seen as suitable parents for children whose heterosexual parents are not fit parents. Try and work out the logic to that one.

One day a government may have the balls to stand up the religious groups and legalise gay marriage and adoption and let gay people have the same rights afforded to everybody else. However, I fear that day is far off in the future.