Completely Unexpected

My blog post The Dangers of Not Vaccinating Your Child made it to the finals of the Young Australian Skeptics Blog Anthology and they gave me this very lovely badge

YAS Blog Anthology Finalistand the opportunity to feature my post in their actual hard copy book.

Please check out the other finalists.  I am in some very prestigious company including many bloggers whose work I greatly admire.

Feeling a little overwhelmed by this to be honest as I don’t class myself as a writer. I blog cause I want to tell people things that I have learnt or found on the internet.  I don’t pretend to have any great skills in the written medium so this is just completely unexpected.

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3 responses to “Completely Unexpected

  1. Congrats, Riayn!

  2. Yay, congrats!
    You always manage to put thoughts about proper topics/current affairs/etc in coherant sentences, something i’m yet to achieve beyond “oh, look, kitteh!”
    Well done :)

  3. Congratulations and well done.

    Your post deserves to be there. Give yourself some credit. :)