18 months late, but still…

This is from October 2008, not sure what I was doing then but obviously I was in my own little oblivious bubble.

Let’s just add this to the very long list of why I detest PETA.

Seriously, WTF PETA.


3 responses to “18 months late, but still…

  1. As far as I’m aware, there _has_ been shown to be a link – kids on the autistic spectrum are slightly more likely to be dairy intolerant. So the ad’s not wrong, as such – that said, I can see how people might interpret that ad as a) dairy causes autism or b) cutting out dairy will ‘cure’ autism. EEK on both levels.

    • My problem with this ad is that it is deliberately deceptive. If they were trying to say that autistic kids are more likely to be lactose intolerance, then the ad should have read something along the lines of “autistic kids are more likely to be intolerant of cow’s milk… Go Veg”. Instead they are trying to imply that cow’s milk causes autism which is just wrong and dishonest.

      • I find the ad deceptive.

        To me it implies that if you have Autism, then there is a link that cow’s milk may have caused it.

        “Studies have shown a link between cow’s milk and autism”

        I agree with Riayn. It should have been worded differently.