The Great Astrology Debate

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My post on The Skeptic versus The Astrologer has generated a rather heated debate at times.  Just this week alone I have been called a nutter and have been informed all skeptics are the devil.  Obviously tempers run high when you write a post saying that you don’t believe in astrology.

I’m curious to see the level of belief in astrology in society and how many people regularly read their horoscopes, even if it is just for fun.

Therefore I have set up two polls.

My survey on whether scientists are more likely to be atheists than non-scientists and what growing up in a religious household has on your religious beliefs is still ongoing, so if you haven’t registered your views, please do.

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11 responses to “The Great Astrology Debate

  1. I’m a Sagittarius, and we don’t believe in astrology.

  2. I’m a Pisces and I don’t believe in astrology. How can one horoscope for the day be the same for everyone that has that star sign?

    I am also extremely jealous that you have been called a Nutter.

  3. I read my stars in the paper every day for fun and enjoy the garbage that is written. I will still keep reading my star sign daily, as it seems to be a habit that has no adverse affect? What would we do without them in the paper? I think a lot of people would really miss them if they were not printed.

  4. I only believe in astrology when it tells me to.
    Natal should also depend on the exact time and location of birth, as well as the position of all planets, and the geometric relationship they have at the time. And the same should then be applied to the location and time at the time of inquiry. im just sayin … :)

  5. You should know that newspaper horoscopes are not accurate astrology–just general predictions. There is a difference between predictive astrology and birth chart analysis as well.

    If you were to give me your birthdate, time, and place, I could give you a general reading of your basic personality template without meeting you. Of course, personality is also affected by genetics, family, society, and life experience. None of these things are scientifically quantifiable, yet all are observable.

    Being skeptical is good. It keeps people from falling prey to predatory individuals, groups, etc. It is possible to learn based on experience–in fact, that is how the human animal does learn.

    Science becomes a religion when it becomes biased by its own prejudices and suppositions. It is not any more perfect than the instruments that measure it, and that instrument is a human being.

    There is no way to “scientifically prove” astrology, psychic ability, or any other esoteric talent. There is as of yet no way to prove a lot of other forces in the natural world yet, either, but that does not negate our ability to observe them.

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  8. I love astrology, it is fun to read and it gives you a thought for the day or week?
    Who cares if you believe or not…’s fun

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