Make ‘Em Laugh

I am a huge fan of comedy, especially British comedy.  Some of my fondest childhood memories are of watching British comedy series with my dad.  My dad let me watch Monty Python, Are You Being Served?, Benny Hill, The Two Ronnies and many others from a very young age.  I’m not sure I would let my 6 year old watch Monty Python, but my dad did whilst my mother looked on disapprovingly.  This probably explains my very odd sense of humour.

Today, I still hold a very deep love of British comedy, especially Bill Bailey and Eddie Izzard.  These strange gentleman make me laugh until my whole body hurts.

My favourite routine of Eddie Izzard’s is his famous Cake or Death.  It is, in my opinion, one of the funniest pieces on history and religion out there.

Then there is Bill Bailey, who I had the very extreme pleasure of seeing his show Tinselworm live at the State Theatre.  His improv is truly a thing of brilliance

and his orchestrated pieces also are hard to surpass.

What were the comedies you used to watch as a kid and do you think that they have influenced the type comedy you enjoy today? Feel free to link to clips of your favourite comedians (both as a kid and the ones you love today) as everyone can always use a good laugh.

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2 responses to “Make ‘Em Laugh

  1. I really really wish I got to watch this stuff when I was growing up. Apart from Are You Being Served, I didn’t get to watch much comedy on tele until Fast Forward, et al.
    Still trying to work out where I get my sense of humour, cause it’s dirty! lol

    • Obviously you didn’t watch a lot of the ABC as a kid cause I swear that is all that the ABC showed besides current affairs shows.
      Considering you watched Are Your Being Served as a kid no wonder your sense of humor is dirty, that comes from years of hearing about Mrs Slocombe’s pussy.