Natural Herbal Nonsense

This comic from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal beautifully sums up alternative medicine and the health food industry.  Take a product that does absolute nothing, add some buzz words and suddenly you have a product that everyone wants.

I am getting so sick of seeing products in the supermarket that have these meaningless buzzwords plastered all over them – natural, herbal, organic, antioxidants added etc which people buy simply cause they have these buzzwords and not because they have any idea what they actually mean and if the product that has them plastered all over with actually lives up to the claims.

Amy from Skepchick wrote a fantastic article all about her frustrations with these buzzwords and I totally agree with her.  These words have been so overused that they cease to mean anything at all.


One response to “Natural Herbal Nonsense

  1. I’m particularly fond of Organic Water.