Top Ten Creationist Arguments (& How To Disprove Them)

I have been searching for some time for a concise way to discredit some of the arguments out there about why creation theory is correct and evolutionary theory is not.  Sure, I could write a nice long essay about it, but very few people would bother to read it and long essays really are not memorable.

Fortunately, the Thinking Atheist has come to the rescue with a fantastic video that discredits the top ten creationist arguments.  It is short, concise but is packed full of information.  Also, it looks pretty damn professional as well.

If you ever need to debate a creationist feel free to grab this video.

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2 responses to “Top Ten Creationist Arguments (& How To Disprove Them)

  1. So I’m going through this loadedweb thing in search for a blog that isn’t horrible to read and I found this entry. My eyes widened, I gasped and then I let out a war-cry like “YESSSS.”

    The YouTube comments for this video are worrying though.

    • Glad to hear that I could provide some interesting reading material and a blog that wasn’t horrible to read.
      You are right about the comments on You Tube being fairly worrying. It is interesting what people can make themselves believe even when presented with cold hard facts.