Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Do you make a New Year’s Resolution only to break it a month later?  I know I do.  Every New Year’s I resolve to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more and every year I failed to kept those promises until last year when I made a plan and set up a blog to track my progress.  I found that by holding myself accountable to a group of people it kept me motivated to achieve my goal.

According to psychologist Richard Wiseman making a plan and informing people of that plan are two of his top ten tips to keep you on track to achieving your New Year’s Resolution. To find out the rest of Wiseman’s tips (and they are good ones) head over to his blog, 59 Seconds.  There is even a quiz to see if you are doing what you need to to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you have a New Year’s Resolution that you achieved?  If so, what was it and how did you do it? If you are making a New Year’s Resolution this year, what is it and how do you intend to make it a reality?

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8 responses to “Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Hehe…I’m great at breaking resolutions. The only one I kept was when I was 17 ( in 2001) to stop biting my nails…but that was after several failed attempts since I was 7 or 8! :P

  2. My resolution for next year is to start using more archaic swear words and oaths. Like “lumme” and “zounds”.

  3. My resolution this year was ‘to be more awesome’

    Next years is going to be ‘no more freaky weird illnesses and not to break anything’

    More realistic methinks. Like I could be any more awesome.

    • Very true, you could not possibly be more awesome. I do hope that 2010 is a much better year for you and your family cause 2009 has been truly hideous for you.

  4. I’ve always done the tragic ‘lose weight’ resolution. Last year I resolved to be happy and think I’ll stick with that one, it worked a treat this year :))