The Skeptic versus the Astrologer

Channel 7’s Sunrise  had skeptic and host of Australia’s The Skeptic Zone, Richard Saunders and Australia’s leading astrologer and psychic Milton Black talk about astrology on the show this morning. I think the poor presenter David Koch was thoroughly confused by the end of it.

What I found most interesting is that Richard has thrown down the gauntlet to Milton Black to prove that astrology is accurate.  I look forward to the test that Richard devises and seeing how accurate Milton’s astrology charts really are.

What is your opinion of the interview?  Did Richard do a good job of discrediting astrology or did Milton prove that astrology is accurate?

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24 responses to “The Skeptic versus the Astrologer

  1. Richard did a great job of catching Milton out as a charlatan. Notice where he said he can’t do charts on the spot, and had spent all night doing “Martin’s” but then did Richard on the spot? Well can you or can’t you Milton? Further, the cold reading he did on Richard was some of the worst I have ever seen. Even I can do better and I only heard the term 12 months ago. If that is what he has to show after 40 years of being “Australia’s Best Psychic and Astrologer” then maybe he needs to find something else to do. What a scam. Milton was truly awful.

    • I must admit I had a good laugh when I heard Milton say that Richard was inquisitive and always seeking answers. You could say the exact same thing about anyone who is a skeptic regardless of when they were born. I also had a chuckle when Richard pointed out that Milton’s website also said he was Australia’s leading psychic and Milton tried to pretend he didn’t know that was on there.
      Can’t wait to see the test Richard devises for Milton and if Milton will follow through on his promise to take part.

  2. Richard has a test in mind. Milton said he would take up the challenge on national television so it would look bad to then turn around and refuse now, wouldn’t it? But then again, one nevers know where the sea of destiny will take you. Unless you ask the astrologers and psychics.

  3. I saw the show on “Sunrise” and thought it was a nothing interview. People are making a lot of noise out of nothing. I am not a believer in astrology and I believe Richard was wrong in his prognosis.

    If he was born on the 23rd November (as he said) he is a Sagittaius in the astrological term as Milton stated, not a Scorpio.

    According to the Astrophysics Department of the Australian National University, the Sun would have been in the ecliptic of Sagittarius on that day.

    So what is all the hoo har about? I went to Milton Black’s website to take a look for myself and I found the “What’s New” page very interesting (for a non believer) and he appears quite accurate with the dates he has forcast?

    At least this gentleman appears to write about his subject in a practical and entertaining way, this is perhaps the reason he receives such a huge following around the globe.

    I must admit, I do agree with Milton Black’s therory on Global Warming, so he must have something right. I also see his name and bio is published in the Australian “Who’s Who”, so obviously he is recognised by those who think he should be there?

    Jan Kurrels PHD

  4. Caroline Patterson

    This was the most rediculous interview I have ever seen in all my life, a complete waste of television air time.

    Who really cares if astrology is right or wrong, it is up to the indivdual to decide, not a pack of sceptics that always seen to have nothing better to do than make a lot of noise about nothing.

    I was born on the same day as the sceptic guy 28th November 1964 and to my knowlege I’m a Sagittarius according to all the books and papers I’ve read.

    I’m sure there are millions of people born on the same day as me who would agree with the fact the we are all Sagittarians. How stupid to say otherwise?

    This is how rediculous the whole intervew was, plus no one got their facts right and all got off on the wrong foot in the first place.

    I will be very surprised if “Sunrise” continue with the challenge, after such a stupid segment that was full of nothing.

    A total embarrassment to the announcer “Koshie”. I bet they talked about giving anything like that a big miss in the future.

    A total waste of time and money to all concerned.


  5. I think the TV-U Tube interview was a lot of rubbish with no highlights what’s so ever? This sceptic man (Richard) did not appear to know what he was talking about either?

    I have heard of Milton Black, he has been around for years and is a household name. I have seen him on various TV programs over the years and he seems to be a nice man, always hospitible and is always welcomed by viewers it appears.

    He seems to have a big following all over the place and I did see his books for sale at a book store in Paris, France when I was there. If he was not a good astrologer, I suppose he would have been out of business years ago and the general public would not support hime, don’t you agree?

    People seem to like his approach to the subject and although I’m not a big believer, I do read my stars for fun and enjoy them.

    I’m looking forward to the challenge again, if and when it comes about on TV again?

    Somehow, I agree with the other writer, I don’t think it will happen, the whole show was a nothing segment, with little to get excited about? The producers I think may have been embarrased by the whole show. I would rate it “0” out of “10”.

    Ann Danqua. Bsc Dip. Ed

  6. I find it interesting that people are commenting that Milton Black is a nice man who has sold lots of books and is in a major newspaper and therefore what he is saying must be correct.

    Personality and fame have very little to do with proving astrology is accurate and a lot to do with being able to get people to part with their cash to read your nonsense.

    Astrology is just lucky guesses and general statements that could apply to anyone and all it really requires is good cold reading skills.

  7. I think Riayn is a nutter and should mind his/her own business. If I want to spend money on buying a Milton Black book I will. Thousands of others will agree with me. He sells around 400,000 copies per year, so that must tell you something?

    He write an interesting publication, whether you believe him not. Thousands of people read his astrology books around the world and I think Riayn is very jealous and disappointed Milton Black makes more money than Riayan does.

    People do not have to buy his books, but they do so because they like his way of writing his astrology. I think he gets around 32,000,000 hits a year on his website per year and that is all FREE, unless you wish for a paid consultation?

    People are alowed to spend their hard earned cash on what they like and when they like, so shove that up your pipe and smoke it Riayan and don’t be so stupid.

    Astroloy has been debated for years by sceptics and will continue to be debated for years in the future to no avail.

    I’m not a psychic, but I will make you a logical prediction. Astrology will continue to be debated for years and years ahead and the sceptics will never win their battle, they will only keep shooting themselves in the foot, as they have nothing better to do with their time.

    Have fun trying you sceptics, I’ll keep buying his books, because that is my business and I enjoy the read.

    By the way, I have also seen Milton Black in another roll on TV, he is the roving ambassador for the “Lupus” foundation of NSW and gives a great deal of our money to charity, so it is nice to know some of the book sales is helping the less fortunate. That’s more than Riayan does, I’ll bet you that.

    Mirza (I’m an Aries)

  8. Bravo, Mirza, I agree with you whole heartedly. I also purchase Milton Black’s books and enjoy them very much.

    I had a look at the TV piece and thought it was a terrible interview, that proved nothing to anyone. Absolutely a zero out of ten like one of the comments suggested. I think the sceptics got it wrong!!!!

    What does this Richard fellow do for a living? Maybe he should take up astrology?

    If people like reading their stars, so be it, what has it got to do with those who think it is a load of rubbish…………..nothing at all. It is a personal thing and I will continue to enjoy the privilage.

    I’m a Leo the lion.

  9. I think you are all stupid. Astrology is nothing but crap an there is nothing to proove otherwise.

    I went to an astrologer once when I was young and she told me I would never be happy in a marriage because I have some some planets in my horoscope that would never make me happy in love.

    I have been marrige three times and I have been happy, but my wives have not been for some reason. I’m just about to get married again for the fourth time, to proove astrology is a load of crap and I will be happy.

    My vote goes with the sceptics, astrology is crap.

    John Fisher – Adelaide

  10. Gee John, maybe you had better make an appointment with Milton Black to see if this marriage is going to last??????

    Maybe you do have a problem with your love life and maybe fourth time could be lucky? Perhaps you are a very difficult man to live with or your past wives were?

    Best of luck

  11. BWWAHAHAHA – the best read I’ve had all day.
    The real nutters are the people who get so upset when someone else expresses their opinion!

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  13. Not to fill up all your comments Meg. I posted my thoughts here:

    I believe that scepticism and astrology both serve purposes. They are too different to be applied to each other.
    An interview between a sceptic and an astrologer/psychic is just silly.

    • I haven’t studied astrology to the extent you have but I agree with you that it can serve as a way to talk to people about their lives and the decisions they make.

      However, people use astrology to predict what is going to happen in their lives and explain away events in their lives as being pre-destined rather than take ownership of their decisions. This is what I have a huge problem with.

      Astrology has never been proven to be able to predict the future nor to be able to predict what someone’s personality is going to be like simply based on their time of birth. A person’s personality is based on a multitude of different factors and to believe it is as simple as your time of birth is extremely naive. This is where skepticism can be applied to astrology to show that this element of astrology isn’t accurate.

  14. Hi Riayn. I completely agree. Saying, “I’m an Aries, so I get in to fights is crazy talk”, and certainly not ‘taking ownership of decisions’. In the same way as attributing God or Karma really doesn’t help matters. Nor does ‘blaming’ upbringing, or genetics. That said, I’m a ‘Determinist’. In that, so far, effect has always followed cause. Unless time does run backwards which I’m still not certain isn’t the case.

    Date of Birth Astrology ( pop astrology, not unlike pop science ) and most other systems of prediction provide a model, that when adopted by someone allows for a different perspective of events past, present and future.
    I believe that all methods of prediction ultimately fall over as it is impossible to have the absolute and infinite knowledge of a system to predict the movement and relationships of all of their parts.
    I’ve always thought Astrology was ‘tongue in cheek’. I’m surprised when people let any system or persons run their lives.

  15. I have actually had a face to face, one hour appointment with Milton Black in 2001 and I found him extremely acurate in what he had to say. He was very detailed and precise with his astrology reading of me and particularly regarding past events and times.

    I found him very practical, he did not get carried away with the esoteric aspects of astrology, he was very down to earth with his summation. He never asked me a lot of questions throughout the whole reading, apart from two minor quereies he had. I just sat and listened to his every word.

    He does not make rash stupid predictions like many would think, quite on the contrary, he is very precise about the trends and what could influence them on the particular dates. He stated we all have a free will to do what we like and astrology was only a guide.

    I’m not a true believer, however I must admit my visit to Milton Black was more of interest, rather than emotion and others had spoken highly of his practice and were very satisfied with his service.

    I think the most intriguing part of the whole session, he supplies you with a recored CD of the reading, so you can go away and listen to it over the time ahead. From 2001 until now, I would have to say his acuracy rate would be around 87% and I’m more than pleased with that.

    He did forecast a few difficult spots that were ahead of me for the year 2003 and sure enough he was right on target with the dates, and I thank him for the forewarning, again he was very accurate. Milton does not run your life, he says, your destiny is your choice, these are only the trends in your horoscope, it is up to you to decide?

    I think in this day of age, people are looking for answers, more than the usual source and astrology seems to be an alternative avenue for many.

    There are astrologers and astrologers, so it is really up to the individual to choose correctly, as I’m sure there are phonies in the business. Milton Black, is ceratinly no charlatan and will even refund you money if you are not satisfied. How is that for confidence in his art.

    I still listen to his CD and still get a lot from it every time I play it. Well worth ever cent I paid and I’m considering an update in 2011.
    If you read his monthly “What’s New” monthly column on his website, you will find it quite interesting and resonably accurate.

    I can not say I was at all disapointed with my visit to Milton Black, a totally satisfying experience in my opinion.

  16. Hey Man,
    I agree there is someting in this astrology business stuff, don’t know what it is, but is is certainly something? I just had a look at the TV thing and man that is a nothing show if ever I have seen one man.

    Hey I wonder if the sceptics are sceptical about smokin weed man, wow, good weed can really have you in astrology land man, because I have been there many times man and do I see lots of stars. My mum is a big believer man and she swears by it and man can she swear.

  17. I believe astrology is nonsense and serves a purpose only for those who are insecure, weak and can not think for themselves. Astrology is wrong and against God’s word. If astrology was right, then we would combine prayer with the subject in church. God curses those who dabble in the metaphysical and try to predict the future. Only God can predict the future. God is right, astrology and sceptics are the devil.
    Hallelujah for the Lord.

  18. I have just viewed everyones comment on this site and I have never read such a lot of carry on in all my life. Such rubbish to say the least.

    It does not matter what one believes or says, thats why we have a democracy and freedom of speech. No need to be one sided about any subject. Try to compromise and see some logic.

    Now, if you go the sceptics website you will see the Sydney sceptics all meet at a “pub” for their so-called monthly meetings? The Melbourne crowd of sceptics all meet in a “cafe”? Doesn’t this tell you something?

    Maybe they all get “pissed” in Sydney, whilst talking a load of crap, then fly down to Melbourne to get “sober” again in the “cafe”, before going back to the Sydney pub to get “pissed” again?

    Sounds like a lot of fun to me, if you have nothing better to do?

    Francie has the right idea, change the subject and speak about that other controversial subject and that other bed fellow, who can not defend himself, only through the avid believer and that book of lies.

    I believe in the stars, if I drop my undies you can see the whole planetary system on display. I could predict the future, no trouble at all, if a gorgeous lady happened to parade in front of me in the nude???

    I will guarantee she and I would ceratinly see stars???? Sorry the universe?????

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  20. There is an unfathomable discrimination towards astrology these days, especially from the so called educated elite class of sceptics, who scoff at this as a mere superstition. The increase in number of unqualified Astrologers, who exploit the credulity people, has also taken away certain people’s faith in astrology by some.

    No man is allowed to denounce any science, unless he spends time to have a deep investigation in to the details. Like any branch of science astrology too has a perfect coordination and arrangement of facts and figures. No science can be claimed cent percent perfect, but it does not mean that it should be branded as a fake, without looking in to the details.

    Many people purposefully categorize Astrologers along with Quacks and Gypsies. When a lot of time and money are spent on subjects like Meteorology, the cultured public has no reasons for rejecting Astrology and related Sciences. Astrology is here to stay, whether we like it or not?

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