Shame on you Fairfax!

Today newspapers all over the world published a single editorial calling on the world leaders to take action on climate change at the summit being held in Copenhagen this week.  The editorial was also supposed to run in the Fairfax owned newspapers Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, but at the last minute the editors decided not to run the piece.  The reason why, according to The Guardian, is because of the election of Tony Abbott as leader of the Liberal party “recast the country’s debate on green issues”.

If this is truly the reason why Fairfax didn’t run this piece, then shame on them!  One measly vote that got Tony Abbot elected should not influence Fairfax in calling for action on climate change at Copenhagen.  Australia is the world’s largest polluter per capita in the developed world and already we have seen the effects of climate change causing widespread drought across the country.  Should the viewpoint of a couple of politicians in Canberra triumph over the masses of scientific evidence showing that man is responsible for climate change? According to Fairfax, it should.

If you wish to read the editorial that should have been in Australian newspaper today, head over to New Matilda. It’s a fine piece of journalism.

Special thanks to Warlach who posted the link to the editorial on Twitter.
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