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National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) is over for another year and this year I managed to post every single day for the month of November.  I also changed the focus of this blog a little bit and started blogging more about skepticism, science and pseudoscience as well as my usual “anything goes” blog posts.  I was curious as to how this affected the amount of traffic coming to my blog.  Were people interested in my daily ramblings and the topics I was posting about or were they turned off by the whole thing?

To my surprise, I found that over the month my daily traffic increased by 100%.  Now before you think that I am now getting an amazing amount of traffic, this 100% increase took my traffic levels from embarrassingly low to just very low.  No amazing amounts of traffic here.  My total month’s traffic was also up by 46% over last month.  All good signs, but still I have a long way to go in getting a decent amount of traffic.

Still traffic is not the whole story, people may come if I yell from the hilltops (or Twitter in this case) that I have a new post just to see what the fuss is all about, but they may not like what they see.  People liking what they read is the true testament as to whether I’m connecting with people rather than just making noise.  On this score, I really don’t know how I am doing.  A grand total of 3 people subscribed to my RSS feed this month bringing my number of subscribers to 33.  The lovely big number in my RSS feed total is due to the fact that when you friend someone on FriendFeed you automatically subscribe to their RSS feed – I don’t class these as actual subscribers cause I don’t know who actually reads my feed via FriendFeed.  Then again, do people still subscribe to blogs via RSS feeds or do most people prefer to read blogs when posts are announced via Twitter?  I really don’t know.

Basically, I have no idea whether people are enjoying my blog posts, so I am just going to ask you all with a poll, cause I find if you ask people to comment they get all shy.

If you want to elaborate on your poll choice or make any other criticisms/suggestions etc, please do so in the comments.

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One response to “Post NaBloPoMo Analysis

  1. Why is there no poll option for “SCIENCE!”?