Two Trips To The Vet In 8 Hours

Today started abruptly at 2am with Rory (my beagle) throwing up multiple times coupled with  a bout of diarrhoea and extreme discomfort.  This continued until about 4am when finally she was able to settle down and get some sleep.  I think we all got about 4 hours of sleep in total.

At 7am Rory was bright and bouncy, barking at the front door and hunting for food.  She had what she would class as the worst breakfast in the world (dry Z/D food) whilst Caleb (my GSD x Husky) got chicken mince.  All was going well until about midday when I checked Rory’s anal glands (she suffers from impacted anal glands that need to be expressed weekly) and I found blood.  We headed down to the vet clinic straight away as blood is never good sign.

The diagnosis was infected anal glands with a dose of gastro.  We got some antibiotics and headed back home to prepared for a dessert afternoon for Lelak’s birthday.

Wonderful desserts were eaten whilst enjoying good company.  The dogs played beautifully with the toddler in attendance and all was good until 6pm when we noticed that the left side of Rory’s face was swollen.  She looked like she had turned into Bull Terrier/Beagle hybrid.  Still she was bright and bubbly and ate her dinner with much gasto.

After our friends left around 8pm, Rory’s face was still all swollen, so we decided to call the vet to see what we should do.  We were told to bring her in immediately.  Thus began our second vet visit of the day.

Whilst taking Rory’s temperature, the vet discovered bloody faeces on the thermometer and a rectal exam confirmed much more bloody faeces.  The gastro with infected anal glands was upgraded to haemorrhagic gastroenteritis – a rather nasty version of gastro that has no known cause.  The vet gave Rory an anti-histamine shot for her swollen face – suspected to be the result of a run in with a wasp, and we waited for 30 minutes to make sure everything was okay. After 30 minutes, we got another exam and a blood test to make sure nothing nasty was going on with Rory’s blood as haemorrhagic gastro can cause dogs’ blood to become sluggish and begin to clot where it shouldn’t.

Fortunately, Rory’s bloods looked good so we were able to take her home.  She is on Z/D (bland allergen free dog food) for the next week and hopefully the bloody diarrhoea should pass in 36 hours. It has not been a good day for anyone.  We are all exhausted and tired. We are all hoping for a good nights’ sleep tonight and an uneventful Sunday.

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2 responses to “Two Trips To The Vet In 8 Hours

  1. Poor Rory! I hope everything clears up asap.

    Gypsie had her anal glands removed early this year after a bout of impaction became infection & abscesses. Have you considered this for Rory or are you happy to keep up the expressing? We could never do Gypsie’s ourselves as she detests her tail & rear end being touched; it was a 3 – 4 person job.

    • I have been expressing Rory’s anal glands for about 4 years now and she is very good at letting me do them. Fortunately, she has never had any infections or abscesses.
      I keep getting conflicting information from vets about whether we should get them removed or not, but since they are not worrying her too much at this time, we might hold off on getting them removed.
      Rory is doing well this morning and now only has a puffy nose rather than the whole left side of her face. Her gastro is also doing well. Thanks :)