Six Years Ago

I found a post that I made on a blog I had long forgotten I had.  It was dated 1st December 2003. It was written when I was working as a vet nurse.

This past week and a half has been fairly full on. I have been continuing to do my dog grooming course as well as my normal work as a vet nurse, which has left me permanently exhausted. Also been having a rather rough time at work. Last week was the week for most of our terminally ill dogs to make the journey across the Rainbow Bridge. Barney, the Samoyed with the bowel obstruction joined the procession last Sunday and we have lost 5 dogs from the pound to parvo. Dogs seem to be dying left, right and centre. It has gotten that bad that today that there was a dead dog lying in a body bag in the storeroom when I got to work cause the freezer was full. It is very depressing when every dog that comes in seems to die. The local pound has a huge outbreak of parvo which they are refusing to do anything about, so when dogs get released into the care of rescue organisations, they are already sick and dying. I am sick of seeing dogs suffering for days on end only to lose their struggle and succumb. I am also sick of the smell of parvo and having to clean up vomit and watery diarrhea.
Also we have had 4 kittens dumped on us for rehoming. A mother cat and her 3 kittens were brought in on the weekend and a little 5 week old girl kitten was brought in last Thursday after being hit by a car (fortunately she is okay and is thriving). So today amongst the death, I consoled myself with lots of kitten cuddles. I am really hoping that this week will be much better.

I remember that week.  I remember the dog Barney that died about a week after we pulled a stocking out of his intestine.   The parvo and the dumped kittens were a summertime scourge that happened every year.  It never got easier to deal with.   I remember vividly the dogs bodies in body bags around the freezer because so many dogs died we couldn’t fit them all in the massive chest freezer we had.  We had to urgently call the body guy to come and do a pick up.  I remember helping him carry bodies to his van in 30C heat.

My life is so different now.  I work in an office.  The only things that die nowdays are flash creatives, ad-tags and computer programs.  I wonder if I hadn’t gotten sick and had to give up nursing if I would still be doing it.  Could I have coped with six more summers of death and dumped kittens?  I’m not sure.

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3 responses to “Six Years Ago

  1. SIX YEARS? Seriously?

  2. Wow! isn’t it amazing to look back on our lives to discover how much we have changed. To plot the realisations we made along the way or the pain we experienced once upon a time that changed the course of our destiny?

  3. give me an office job over body bags any day!