Religious Intolerance

I was made aware of this survey by the Christian Democratic Party here in Australia by @crikey_news on Twitter and was disgusted by what it contained.

The survey contains questions such as these to which you asked if you agree or disagree:

  • Australia needs a ten-year moratorium on Muslim immigration, which is the official policy of the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)
  • Australia needs no more Muslim schools and no more mosques
  • The Federal Government should have the power to deport any Muslim
  • Immigration policy should give preference to persecuted Christians  (but apparently not any other persecuted religious groups)

This religious intolerance disgusts me and the fact that people are proud to proclaim they have these beliefs astound me.  Australia is one of the fortunate places in the world where you have the freedom to practice your religious beliefs without persecution and it is a law I strongly support, even though I do not believe in any form of religion and view them all as equally implausible.  However, I do believe that if you wish to hold religious views, you should be able to do so without someone preventing you from doing so or torturing or imprisoning you because of them.

To see a group who dares to call themselves Christians saying that another religious group should not be able to build their places of worship and that the government should be allowed to deport them based on their religion is vile.  Have these people forgotten the principle tenet on which their religion is based?  Fortunately, my parents believed the best thing for my immortal soul was to send me to Bible school for 12 long years, so I do know that the principal belief of Christianity  is “to love one another”.   Nowhere did Jesus say only love those who are Christian or those who are the same ethnic group as you.  This statement was made without qualifiers.

There is a little part of me that wishes that the Christian God was real, so he could bitch slap these morons down to Hell when they dared to show up at Heaven’s Gates asking to be let in.

It is disgusting, really disgusting.

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One response to “Religious Intolerance

  1. holy crap, that’s revolting. i hate the ignorance of extremeist christians o.O

    now i’m loling from imagining god bitch slapping them, hehe