Where To Buy Cheap Books in Australia

About a month ago, I wrote a post complaining about how expensive books are in Australia.  The post inspired quite a bit of debate during which everyone remained civil which was great to see.  One of the main debaters was Australian Bookshops and being in the industry they were very keen for the rules governing the price of books not to change.  However, they did point me in the direction of an amazing resource listing very close to all bookshops in Australia.  This resource has personal accounts of the books stocked and their prices which makes it ideal of tracking down not only your local independent bookstore, but the one with the most competitive prices.  The resource also includes online booksellers and national chains.  If you are searching of the best price you can get in Australia, this resource is definitely your go-to guide.

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3 responses to “Where To Buy Cheap Books in Australia

  1. Hey…that’s very helpful! Except, I’m surprised they had Borders and Dymocks on there! :P

    • The resource is a listing of all bookstores in Australia regardless of price, but Borders usually will have a 3 books for the price of 2 special on which can bring down the cost and make the price fairly reasonable.

  2. mmmm, its still Amazon.com for me.