Latest Dating Scam – Science!

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For years dating services have been using various ploys to separate lonely singles from their cash in return for empty promises, but now dating services have stumbled on a whole new ploy – science! promises its users to find their perfect match by using the GenePartner Test that compares their DNA with other members on the pseudoscientific belief that people are attracted to those who had different HLA (immune system) genes to their own.  All this for the very low price of $1,995.95!

Their website states that ” ScientificMatch uses your DNA to maximize the chances of finding chemistry—actual, physical chemistry—with your matches.”  Under their section About Chemistry and our DNA Matching they claim:

When you share chemistry with someone, you significantly increase your chances of realizing these amazing benefits:
1. You’ll love their natural body fragrance–they’ll smell “sexier” than other people.
2. You’ll have a more satisfying sex life.
3. If you’re a woman, you’ll have a higher rate of orgasms.
4. There will be less cheating in your exclusive relationship.
5. As a couple, you’ll be more fertile.
6. Your children will be healthier.

Unlike other pseudoscientific companies, these guys actually provide their sources.  If there’s anyone in scientific research reading this article, if you are able to tell me just how reputable these journals are I would appreciate it.

However, Eric Holze, the founder of can’t cite even one happily matched couple claiming “his site tends to attract people who are concerned about privacy and has not done a good job tracking members once they leave.”  Anyone else smell a scam here??   However, to give Holze the benefit of the doubt he say that he is going to dissolve the dating section of his site and refund the $1,995.95 lifetime membership fee.  Whether he does or not remains to be seen.

There are other dating sites eager to take up the GenePartner Test including the soon to be launched  Unfortunately, there is no information available on just what services they will be offering or for what price.

The single and desperate are very easy pickings for those that want to make a quick buck from their misery.  It should come as no surprise that as the general public’s awareness and knowledge of DNA increases that the dating scams are moving into this area to cash in.  Love can’t be found in a test tube, it is found by connecting with our fellow human beings.  There is no quick or easy way to find love and that, for some, is half the fun.

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2 responses to “Latest Dating Scam – Science!

  1. Quite a few of the journals mentioned among the sources are VERY reputable – Nature, Science, Proceedings of the Royal Society of London etc. – but that doesn’t mean that the articles therein supports the claims of ScientificMatch.

    I also love this part about other methods: “Not one of them is supported by a single independent scientific study that shows its matchmaking methodology works.”
    Well, guess what, no independent scientific study shows that ScientificMatch’s methodology works.

  2. Thanks for letting me know Kristjan. I recognised Nature and Science but not really any of the others. You are probably right that none of the studies support what is saying. It would be interesting to get a hold of a few of these articles and see what they actually say.