Training Camp

My martial arts club had its biannual training camp over the weekend at Broken Bay Sports & Rec Camp – and once again I had a fantastic time.  We trained long and hard and ate so much food – not all of it healthy. We focused on getting our weapon routines down – double swords for the green belts and up, and pole for us brown and yellow belts.  I am really happy that I have now learnt the entire pole routine as I want to start competing with it as soon as I can so that I can compete in weapons at the Gay Games in August.

Today I am feeling very stiff and sore and sleep deprived, so it is a very good thing that I am able to work from home today.  Fortunately, I came away from camp with very few bruises, so I am not going to look battered when I show up at the office tomorrow morning.

I took my camera with me to camp, but unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get good shots of people doing martial arts – they move way too quickly for the camera to capture.  It is a shame as I would loved to have gotten some shots of the guys doing double sword – it just looked amazing.  However, I do have some lovely scenery shots to make you all jealous of the gorgeous place I got to spend the weekend.

The view whilst doing Tai Chi in the mornings

The beach at the Sport & Rec Camp

The units we were staying in

This little guy hopped into my lap during dinner on Friday night. He came back on Saturday night to raid our salad bowl.

The single decent shot I got of weapons training.

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