Away At Camp

I am currently away at a martial arts camp on an island in the middle of the Hawkesberry River where there is barely any mobile phone reception and at which we train for 10 hours a day and eat lots of junk food.  I love these camps, but I can imagine it would be torture for some.

As a kid I was extremely unsporty so I didn’t go on any sports camps, but I did go on band camps as part of school end of year activities.  That’s right, I actually have stories that start “this one time at band camp”.  However, going away to camp isn’t a usual thing in Australia, except for Girl Guide/Scouts camps.  We don’t really have summer camps like they do in the US where kids are sent off to camp for weeks. I was always really jealous of the kids in the US that got to spend summer at science camp or drama camp.  That always sounded like so much fun.

So, for any US based readers, did you go to camp as a kid and was it as cool as it seemed in the movies?  For those Aussie based and other country readers, have you ever been away to camp?  If so, was it something you enjoyed or was it hell on earth?

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One response to “Away At Camp

  1. I went away to camp at Lake Keepit near Tamworth when I was about twelve. It was pretty cool and I enjoyed making lots of new friends. I was away for 5 days only but lots of the kids at the camp were from Sydney and they had plans to attend a number of camps throughout the Christmas holiday break. I think was a cheap form of out of school care ;)

    We did a whole heap of outdoor activities that I would not ever had tried otherwise. Good memories of that week are stored away in the dusty vaults.