Tweets to Your Sixteen Year Old Self

There is a new book out in the UK called Dear Me: A Letter to My Sixteen Year Old Self which contains letters from celebrities like Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Julian Clary and Annie Lennox to their sixteen year old selves.  It sounds absolutely fascinating read even if it is just for the quote from Julian Clary’s letter – “it’s hard to swallow, but in a few years time you will swan around in black rubber consuming men like After Eight Mints”.

Obviously having just read this book, psychologist Richard Wiseman posed this question on Twitter today,  ‘What tweet would you send your 16 year old self?’ and I just couldn’t resist asking all of you the same question, because it is just such an interesting question.

So what 140 character message would send to your 16 year old self if you had the chance?

Mine would be “Don’t be so afraid to be yourself “.

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3 responses to “Tweets to Your Sixteen Year Old Self

  1. It really can’t be pulled off.

  2. I guess mine would be “It gets better” :) Kinda hard though in 140 words. But I may take it as a blog post…a letter to my younger self.

  3. Get help. Get tutoring after the move to Qld, get the folks to cough up for a shrink, too.