Curious Minds: University Degrees & Professional Life

For those of you who went to university and graduated, is your degree in the same field that you are now currently working in or is it in something completely different?

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Most people I know graduated with a degree in one field and are now working in a completely different field, me included.  I have a BSc majoring in genetics (which I hated) and minoring in anatomy and pathology (which I loved).  I now work in tech support for a digital technology solutions provider.  I am wondering how many other people out there are in the same situation.

If you are in the same situation what degree did you get and what field are you are now working in?  I am interested to see what is the most unrelated degree/current job pair we can find.


7 responses to “Curious Minds: University Degrees & Professional Life

  1. Kinda sorta not really.
    Multimedia was an elective subject in the final year of my degree.

  2. B Speech Pathology and still a speechie, but it’s only been 4 years!

  3. Sigh I am such a boring old sot – B.Com M.Tax and guess what … I am a tax accountant.

    Can’t wait to decide what to do when I grow up though.

  4. Bachelors and Masters in Psychology (specialising in child and adolescent) and currently a psychologist with kids and teens. It’s only been two years though so only time will tell. But to be perfectly honest, I can’t see myself as much else…apart from maybe a teacher but I lack the skills to deal with these little turds teens/kids in large groups.

  5. Hmmm, I completed a Bach Applied Science (Disability Studies), and am now working in Psych as a RTW Consultant….fairly same same. Bit different to my first job getting out tho, which was much more in line with disability….
    Do have a (so far) useless Masters in International and Community Development. Not so much helping me get people back to work!

  6. I use what I learned doing my degrees regularly in my job, but I can’t say it’s in the same field as either degree.

    I have a BA (Hons) where I majored in politics, specifically international politics, and my MA (Hons) in cultural/TV studies (thesis on Doctor Who fans).