An Atheist’s Guide To Christmas

It is once again “that time of the year” when Christmas carols start playing at the mall, Christmas decorations start springing up everywhere and people begin to ask you if you are excited about Christmas and what you are doing for the big day.

If you are an atheist or agnostic like I am, then you might be wondering where we fit into this whole celebrating Christmas stuff since we don’t believe in the religious reason behind it.  Do you renounce Christmas and refuse to take part in the whole retched thing? Or do you go along with the whole thing to keep your family happy? Or do you take a look around and realise that very few people doing the whole Christmas thing have remembered or care that Jesus has anything to do with it and just decide to join them in celebrating anyway?

It is all a matter of personal choice.  There is no right or wrong way for an atheist to “celebrate” Christmas. However, the main thing is to stay true to yourself and your beliefs.  If you don’t want to go to Midnight Mass at the local Catholic church, then inform your family about why this is so, but if you enjoy the carols and a chance to meet up with people you haven’t seen in ages, then go along.  Same goes with buying presents and taking part in the traditional Christmas dinner.

For me personally,  there are aspects about Christmas that I like and therefore continue to take part in.  Whilst, it is slightly annoying to do a 400km round trip,  I still enjoy going to my family’s Christmas get together where I get to see my cousins, aunts and uncles as it is usually the only time all year I do see them.  Fortunately, this does not take place on Christmas day but usually a week or so beforehand so we don’t have to battle the Christmas traffic.  I also enjoy buying and getting presents (then again, doesn’t everyone enjoy getting presents?).  But the rest of the Christmas stuff like the gaudy decorations and terrible carols I really dislike and therefore I don’t decorate my house or even put up a Christmas tree.  I also don’t make an appearance at Carols By Candlelight.

For me, Christmas Day is spent having a very sedate lunch with my Jewish in-laws away from all the dramas of Christmas and that is the way I like it.

Written for the Blog This Challenge.

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6 responses to “An Atheist’s Guide To Christmas

  1. I like the food, the pressies and the get-togethers. Oh and the public holidays ;)

    I don’t do the church thing. I don’t mind belting out carols at carols by candlelight though!

  2. PS – have you bought the book yet of the same title?

  3. Hey since u hv a blog. Hehe. U might wanna check It’s new & expanding :) connects via Twitter

  4. this picture doesnt make sense. if you dont belive in christmas then you dont deserve to take part in the festivities celebrating the birth of christ. thats like saying you dont belive in water but love squirt gun fights because they are fun and bring people together. grow up. stay a beliver or invent your own atheist holliday and stop stealing ours

    • Hi Mike, obviously this post has stuck a sore point with you. Most atheists, myself included, would prefer not to celebrate Christmas, but we have families and friends who are believers and choose to celebrate and wish for us to take part.

      Also, I am not going to stay believing in Christianity just so I get to celebrate Christmas. If people do, then they are totally missing the point of the whole religion.