The Church of Woo-Woo

On my way home from work walking through Central Station, I was handed this pamphlet.

It is “A special publication on the world’s most effective Purification Program” from the Church of Scientology and has a large quote from L.Ron Hubbard that proclaims, “Drug resides can stop any mental help. They also stop a person’s life!”.  What is contained within is 4 pages of how this purification program can ‘rid you of the harmful mental effects of toxins, drugs and radiation’.

The article is pretty much  your run of the mill standard detox program do about how harmful modern life is to your health and how you need to detox to rid yourself of these ‘toxins’ with this lovely diagram shown below.

The steps of this Purification Program are:

1. Drugs are essentially poisons and take their toll on your body by eating up its stores of vitamins and minerals
2. Besides drugs, our chemical-orientated society is awash with other substances toxic to human life, which can and do enter your system.
3. It is a proven fact that drugs and toxins can be trapped in the body

4. Years later, they can dislodge and being to affect your awareness, ability and attitudes.
5. But there is way out of the trap: the Purification Rundown, an exact regimen which can rid you of the harmful effects of drugs and other toxins. It’s the only program in existence that does.  You need this program.

Don’t you just love the crappy pictures, especially the 1979 drug taking one.

Then there is the disclaimer which is to free them of claiming to dispense medical advice:

“We are not concerned with handling bodies on the Purification Rundown life improvement procedure. Our concern is freeing the individual up spiritually. The only dosages recommended are those classified as food. There are no medical recommendations or claims to it. The only claims is future spiritual improvement. ”

Got to wonder about a program that talks all about the toxins affects on the body and then has a tiny disclaimer that says that they are not concerned with the body.

It is all such utter rubbish and yet people will part with their cash to do this program. This is what infuriates me and makes me want to bang my head against a brickwall.  Can’t people see that this is all just woo??

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4 responses to “The Church of Woo-Woo

  1. Can I stick with Lemon detox?

  2. it’s a religion created by a science fiction writer who was quoted as saying there was more money in starting a religion.
    case closed!
    and then all this bullcrap is just ridiculous. urrrrrrgh