Curious Minds: Embarrassing Movie Loves

Cover of "Three to Tango"
Cover of Three to Tango

There are those movies that you will proudly admit to loving to anyone who asks and then there are those movies that you watch almost in secret (and no, I don’t mean porn) and you would never admit to actually liking.  These are movies that you feel are kinda dorky, but you love them anyway.

What movie/s do you love but are almost too embarrassed to admit to it?

For me, it is Three To Tango.  I just love this film yet it fall squarely in a genre that I really don’t like, the romantic comedy.  I find most romantic comedies predicable and extremely cheesy.  Yet for some unknown reason, I love Three To Tango even though it is just as cheesy as the rest of the genre. Maybe I love it because it deals with gay issues and stars the gorgeous Neve Campbell and the fantastic Oliver Platt.  Maybe I love it cause it makes me laugh, I really don’t know. I do know  I love it so much that I tracked down a copy of it on DVD to replace my video cassette copy.  It is currently hidden amongst all my ‘cooler’ movies hoping that no one notices it.

Now I have revealed my embarrassing movie love, it’s your turn.

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6 responses to “Curious Minds: Embarrassing Movie Loves

  1. Xanadu
    Flying High
    Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    Galaxy Quest
    Muppets from Space

    I could write a list as long as my arm!!

  2. The list is long but distinguished…. oooh snap on Clueless – geez i watch so many crap films that I love. The Pirate Movie, Grease, Volcano and Twister, Karate Kid, last night was how to lose a guy in 10 days, tonight was the end of independence day – have to disagree with Xanadu, it can’t be embarrassing – it’s total win. to paraphrase @johncmayer there’s a difference between something good and something enjoyable….. :)

  3. 16 candles.


    never ever repeat this to ANYONE

    Mean Girls and the Princess Diaries. My girls and I have watched them together tons of times.

  4. For our generation, any movie made in the 80s is exempt from the embarrassing movie love list as they fall squarely in the movies from our childhood which you are allowed to love without any embarrassment. That definitely includes Xanadu and The Pirate Movie which are two movies I also love. I even have The Pirate Movie on DVD.

  5. My dorky favourite is


    filmed in Melbourne 1986 starring Colin Friels and John Hargreaves. Delightfully innocent and clever.

  6. I have to agree on Galaxy Quest.
    Then there’s Commando…
    and anything with Brendan Fraser in it.

    but why restrict the list to movies? how about TV shows?

    Sure, I like the geek-staples (NCIS, CSI, Bones, etc). but I also loved “Dead Like Me”. Both the show and the sequel ‘movie’

    Throw another leg on the fire.