Curious Minds: A Day Off

My life has gotten extremely hectic lately.  My weekends are packed with things to do and people to see and my weeknights seemed to be filled with playing catch up of all the household duties that didn’t get done over the weekend.  I am feeling stressed out and exhausted.  I am dreaming of having a whole week off from life to rest and relax, even just one day with nothing planned and nothing around the house to do would be heaven. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have even a spare day until about December.

Therefore, to aid me in dreaming about the perfect day off, I have the following question for all of you.

If you could spend a whole day doing exactly as you wished with no demands and no responsibilities, what would you do?


10 responses to “Curious Minds: A Day Off

  1. I’d sit in a bean bag in my sun room, reading one of the novels on my to-read list, and drinking Godmothers.

    • That sounds so relaxing. I love just curling up on the couch and reading.

      But what are Godmothers? Never head of them before.

  2. Someplace warm. but shady, maybe near the water, reading magazines, nothing work related. I’d get a nice long walk in, just wandering around.

  3. Stay at home, in my jammies all day long, watching my X-Files or Friends DVDs in the background while blogging and eating badly and taking breaks to read some favourite books. Indulgent? I think so!

    Anyway, hope you get a pleasant breather sometime soon…

  4. My perfect day with nothing better to do would entail reading the weekend newspaper slowly front cover to back, a pot of great coffee, ham-cheese & tomato toastie for lunch, cook some fudge for afternoon tea (without burning it), having all my favourites tunes come up on the shuffle, roast rack of lamb for dinner and a glass of red wine to wash it down with. Alternating between reading my latest titles from Amazon, finishing some needlework and lurking around in blogophere.

  5. lol! I stopped reading the paper at all when I realized they just can’t get their facts right. That was … what.. 30 years ago or so.

    As for my “perfect” day.. it’s going to vary, depending on my mood. One day I may want to sit and read Terry Pratchett all day.. another, maybe I want to go photograph the heck out of the mountains. Still another, I might just get in my car and drive randomly.

    The list goes on…