Completely Unexpected

For those of you who are new to reading this blog and don’t really know anything about me,  I have been doing Kung Fu for the past 7 months.  I have my brown belt which  is equivalent to your yellow belt in Karate i.e it is the belt you get after your first grading.  I am very much a raw beginner.  Today was my third tournament (my second one being just last weekend) and I was signed up to compete in Beginners/Intermediate Soft Traditional Forms.  However, due to not many people signing up for this event (I was the only one), they combined it with Advanced/Black Belt.  This meant that in this competition I would be competing against people who had been doing martial arts for years, which was really not fair.  My instructor lodged a bit of complaint and got me moved to the Beginners/Intermediate Hard Form division instead.  However, this division had already started their competition by the time this all got organised, so with no warm up or run through of my form, I went and competed.  Out of a field of 10 competitors, I came third, which completely shocked and totally amused me as my kata felt nowhere near as solid as I could perform it.

What was even more amusing, was that I was competing at the AMAC Australian Titles, which featured the best martial artists competing on the AMAC circuit in Australia.  Not really sure how I pulled that one off.  I must admit I am left wondering how I might have done if I had warmed up first, still I am more than happy with third place and my rather big trophy.

On the left hand side is my 3rd place AMAC Australian Titles trophy and on the right hand side is my 1st place AMAC Round 4 Beginners Traditional Hard Form trophy

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8 responses to “Completely Unexpected

  1. Oh nice! Congratulations!!! :D

  2. holy crap, congrats!! what a way to boost your confidence :))

  3. Fantastic result and wow what great tophies. I bet you walked on air after winning.

    • I was very happy with my third place trophy. In fact, I so didn’t expect to get anywhere that I wasn’t paying attention when my name was read out.

  4. Way to go Riayn, and way to adapt to the situation too!

    • I think it really helped that I competed the weekend before so had been training hard for a couple of weeks. Otherwise it might have been very disastrous.