Music Break: Cover Songs

Cover Songs – they can either be done really well or sound absolutely dreadful, yet many artists take the risk that their interpretation of a famous song won’t fall into the latter category.

This morning, I found this amazing cover version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, performed by one of my favourite musicians Imogen Heap and I think it is just gorgeous.  What is your opinion?

Note the video just plays the music, no images so don’t be disturbed by seeing just a black screen.

I also love Alanis Morisette’s cover of King of Pain

What are you favourite cover songs??  Post links if they are on You Tube or LastFM as I would love to hear them.

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4 responses to “Music Break: Cover Songs

  1. I really liked The Tourists’ (later Eurythmics) version of “I only wanna be with you”!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on Doris. Scott x

    • I shall have to track that down and have a listen to it.
      Again, I am so sorry to hear about Doris. I hope Orlando is doing okay without his ‘sister’.

  2. I think the Thriller cover is well done, but it’s not my cup of tea.

    I love DJ Sammy doing a piano version of Bryan Adams’ “Heaven”. Also Paul Kelly’s cover of “Reckless”, Frente doing “Here You Come Again”, and Ozzy Osbourne’s version of “Stayin’ Alive” :oD

  3. Ohhh, a fan! Hey!
    I am totally obsessed with Oh Mercy right now, and on You Tube they have a new acoustic version (actually, just Alex), of To Her Door, by Paul Kelly. It’s sublime!
    They also did a version of Lovefool, for Triple J’s Like A Version (hopefully on the next album of this ace concept!), which is worth tracking down.
    Sugar Ray (random, I know), does a cover of Abracadabra, which is still awesome to me!
    Oh, and a new fav is Sarah Blasko doing Xanado, on her second disk of As Day Follows Night….
    Oh, could go on and on!! Hee hee!