Today’s Afternoon Inquisitor question on Skepchick today was about nicknames and how you got your nickname.  This made me realise  that I don’t have a nickname. My name Meg is already the shorten version of my legal name and besides the horrible Megsy, which I won’t tolerate anyone calling me, there is not much one can do to Meg.  Also I haven’t done anything, embarrassing or otherwise, to earn myself a non-name related nickname.

Is there anyone else out there as boring as I am who doesn’t have a nickname or do the rest of you live such exciting lives that you have not only one nickname but a whole host of them??


11 responses to “Nicknames

  1. My name’s Samantha, and that sounds far too regal for everyday use, so I mainly get people to call me Sam.

    The internet is the main site through which I’ve inherited nicknames… Sammyjo is a weird combination of my first and middle names, and I use Soyajam as a weird anagram of Sammyjo (but obviously with letters missing)

    … Any of those names are better than Samantha in my books. Call me that when I’m dressed in a silk ballgown and diamonds!

  2. Fiona becomes either Fi or phona…. Fi too a lot of getting used to.

    Rish calls me Pinky.

  3. I am boring, never had a nickname…you can’t even shorten my name to anything :(

  4. Because there are a few Bens in the scene, i am aka:

    Computer Ben
    Geek Ben
    Camera Ben
    p0rn Ben (not for the reason you are thinking ;)

    Then there is

    and then Lela has an assortment of names she calls me =)

  5. Actually, Meg is technically a nickname because nicknames can also be merely a diminutive of the original name. So, you’re not so boring after all! Check out my post on nicknames!

    • Marly, you are right, it is technically a nickname, but that is not the same has having a real nickname – well in my eyes anyway.