Religious Education

From the webcomic Sinfest

The story of the Virgin Birth from the Bible has never sat well with me, even as a child.   I always thought that Mary had sex with Joseph before they got married (then again, maybe she had  a lover on the side) and when she ended up pregnant she didn’t want to get in trouble from her family so she made up a story about an angel visiting her and saying that she was pregnant was God’s son.  This seemed logical to me.  Then again, I was the kid that would debate with the Baptist preachers that Genesis was incorrect and evolution explained life on Earth so it was little wonder that I had problems with the Virgin birth story.  I never debated this fact with the preachers,  I was a logical child but I wasn’t suicidal. Then again that little evil part of me would have loved to have seen how the preachers would have dealt with a child who thought that Mary had sex before marriage and then lied about it.

For those of you who had to attend Sunday School or any other type of religious instruction, what issues did you have with the material you were being taught?  Also, did you dare raise those issues with your teacher?  If you were game enough to, what was their reaction?


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