Darwin and Evangelism

In November,  it is going to be 150 years since the publication of Charles Darwin’s Origin Of Species, one of the most important scientific works of humankind.  However, instead of celebrating this significant step in understanding our natural world, Christian evangelists are going to use it to promote their unique view of the world.  Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron (actor turned evangelist) are releasing on 21st November Darwin’s Origin Of Species with a 50 page addition that claims that Darwin has a unique connection to Hitler as well as the fact he hated women and was a racist, plus how creationism is the real explanation for life on earth.  This edition will be handled out at the Top 50 US universities as an attempt to bring people closer to God as they believe Darwin is partly to blame for a decrease in the number of young people identifying as Christians.

To announce this, Kirk Cameron has released a 6 minute video on You Tube where he rambles on about God in schools and how Darwin and Hitler have an undeniable link. It takes crazy to a whole new level.

When you have to bring Hitler into it to try to make your argument, then you have just lost.  I also love the scientists they are using as examples that science backs up creationism. With the exception of Albert Einstein, the other scientists are from the 16th to the 19th century, the majority of whom lived in an age when the Church would torture and kill anyone who dared to question their authority and that of the Bible.  I don’t know about you, but to me that doesn’t in any way prove that science supports creationism.

I will be interested in seeing how the students of the Top 50 American universities take to being given this piece of  propaganda literature.

Thanks to Bad Astronomy and TMZ for their fabulous posts on this subject.

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5 responses to “Darwin and Evangelism

  1. Well, I’m going to say something unpopular now – he’s right. There are no transitional examples between species in the fossil record.

    I happen to think that young earth theory science has as much going for it as evolution theory scienc and we need to remember that just because something is widely accepted doesn’t make it right and evolution theory is just that, theory. As is creationism. Theory.

    And theory is after all at the heart of every religion – every religion is mans best guess to explain the question of how we came into existence. The same could be said of some science too.

    I don’t think what they are asking for – for both sides to be represented for the individual to make an informed decision about what they believe – is unreasonable.

    Unfortunately many evangelist christian organisations do their causes a major mischief by scare mongering or sledging or alienating others in the process of trying to further their cause.

    • Unfortunately, the young earth theory and creationism in general have absolutely no scientific proof whereas evolution does. That is the big major difference between the two.

      Also, the scientific definition of theory is not what the general population uses the word for. In the scientific world, theory means something that can be supported by evidence, like the theory of gravity. Theory, in the scientific sense, is not something that someone simply believes might be true but has no proof for, that is termed a hypothesis.

      If people want to believe in creationism because of their religious beliefs or other reasons that it fine, but when they demand it gets taught in science class, that is when I have a major problem with it.
      When scientific proof can be shown for creationism, I will no longer fight its introduction into the science syllabus, but until then, I will.

  2. i actually thought this was some sort of prank at first.

    I guess not. You shouldn’t call people that you are trying to change there minds stupid. it doesn’t help.

  3. Unfortunately the evidence for young earth science is not widely known because it is an unpopular topic, but it is out there.