A Metal Capsule of Germs

Thanks to spending 20 hours in an airplane full of lovely germs, I now have a cold.  After reading this article in the New York Times where scientists have proven that lack of sleep can increase your risk of catching a cold, I’m not surprised I got sick.  From the time I got up in New York on Thursday morning, got on my flight on Thursday night, arrived in Sydney early Saturday morning and went to bed on Saturday night,  I was awake for about 42 hours.  Maybe my body thought that the only way I was going to get some sleep was if I got sick. Last night I crashed out at 5:30pm and got up at 5:30am feeling slightly better but still congested and slightly jetlagged.

I am hoping that another couple of nights of good quality sleep will see me back to normal.  I have 1,500 photos to sort through and worked out which ones to upload to Flickr and I can’t do that whilst feeling like I have been hit by a freight train.  Damn germs have no respect for what I want to do.


5 responses to “A Metal Capsule of Germs

  1. sucks to be sick…. rest up!

  2. Thanks. Am dosing myself with Lemsip and trying to do as little as possible.

  3. you should try some of the immune system boosters my partner gave me while I was in uk, it did a great job :)

  4. Welcome home. Sounds like you had a great time. Hope you are feeling better soon and looking forward to seeing some photos when you get through them all :)