Postcard From New York

A quick update from New York during a rare moment when I am either not sightseeing, eating or sleeping. I am having an amazing time and am just loving being in New York. I have seen and done so much in the past four days.
I have:
* Been for a walk through Central Park (it is just enormous)
* Been to the top of Rockefeller Center
* Walked across Brooklyn Bridge
* Eaten pizza at Gimaldi’s
* Been to Times Square
* Been to the Museum of Natural History
* Been to the NY Supreme Court Building (the famous courthouse from the Law & Order series)
* Eaten Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream whilst in Rockefeller Plaza (aka 30 Rock).
* Braved Canal Street (never again)
* Eaten the best cupcake ever from Magnolia Bakery a block down from Radio City.
* Become an experienced subway user
* Done so much walking that despite all I have eaten I think I may have lost weight.

Tomorrow the plan is to go for a run in Central Park and go to the Bodies Exhibition and Wednesday to head to Liberty Island to see a rather tall green woman.
Then it is off to Boston early Thursday morning.


One response to “Postcard From New York

  1. Sounds like you are having a busy ball!