9 Days To Go

It is only nine days until Lela and I, along with our friend Susan, head off to the US for a 3 week tour of the East Coast. Part of me is getting very excited but the rest of me is in a mild state of panic about all we have left to do.  I feel totally disorganised.  The three main things we need to organise are; two flights (Washington DC to New Orleans and New Orleans to NY), travel insurance and our visa for the US.  All of this things can be done online and would probably take a grand total of an hour to do, but it is a matter of just sitting down and doing it.

Adding to my stress is the fact that my dog, Caleb is having some medical and behavioural issues at the moment.  On the medical side, he has a bacterial and fungal skin infection (a double whammy) which is causing him to basically tear himself apart.  He is on all the good drugs and doesn’t appear to be getting any worse, but I am hesitant to say he is getting better at this stage.  On the behavioural side, Caleb suffers from anxiety and has been making a nuisance of himself by constantly barking for most of the day when we are at work.  He is now on house arrest three days a week when our neighbour works from home to keep the noise to a minimum.  Caleb seems to enjoy spending the day on his beanbag watching Animal Planet, but it is not a great permanent solution.  Therefore, he is currently on pheromone therapy to help bring his anxiety down to a more manageable level and hopefully stop the constant barking.  I can see this being a long process, but after only 4 days breathing in the pheromones he does appear to be a bit more relaxed or perhaps this is just wishful thinking.  I can’t wait until his pheromone collar arrives so that he can be outside and still getting his dose of calming pheromones.  Poor Ben, he is generously agreed to take care of our dogs whilst we are away and we are leaving him with two dogs who are both on medication.  That reminds me, I still need to write out a feeding and medication guide for the dogs.

Arghhhh!  So much to do! Panic! I think I need to compile a to-do list or else really important things will be forgotten.


7 responses to “9 Days To Go

  1. Pheromone medication?! Make sure there is enough for me ;)

  2. Wow! I lost track of you after you moved from LJ to WordPress. You’ve done so much for yourself in the last year! Martial arts tournament, marathon, new job(?), now a trip overseas!

    Hope you have a good time, and things continue to rock for you!

    • Hey, nice to see you again. Hope all is going well in your life. Things have gone fairly well for me so far and I am gradually getting back to “normal”.

  3. Well, I found a new job, which I enjoy. I answer phones for a superannuation fund. It’s challenging enough that I don’t get bored, I work on the sixth floor of a building in Rhodes that has 5m windows and a view of the harbour, and I get to leave my job at work when I go home. Nice people, and the travel time’s not bad, either.

  4. breathe babe. You are going to have a wonderful time and the dogs will be fine.

    I am so excited for you!

    • I know, but I am worrier at heart. I excel at worrying. However, I am now much calmer about leaving the dogs as I know they will be in very good hands and spoilt rotten. Now I am panicking about how much I have to do before I leave.