Land Of The Long White Cloud

Last week I travelled to Auckland for work to meet with my NZ clients and spend some time in our NZ office. Over 3 days, I went to 17 meetings, it was non-stop the entire time and was exhausting but rewarding.  I also spent the weekend in Auckland to have some R&R and take a look around the city.

Unfortunately, the weather was overcast and raining the entire time, so I had to choose places that were inside.  The first place I visited was Kelly Tarlton‘s, an incredible underwater world that also has a frozen enclosure of Antarctic penguins.  I got some incredible photos – the entire set can be seen here.   My favourite photos from Kelly Tarlton’s are;

Then I headed out to Auckland Museum and spent a couple of hours wandering around looking at the exhibitions and of course, taking photos.  The full set of photos from Auckland Museum as well as photos from around Auckland can be seen here.

My favourite photos from this set are:

I am just loving my new Canon IXUS camera.  Some of the settings on the camera are amazing, especially the Aquarium and Indoor settings.  It takes such gorgeous photos that don’t require any talent from yours truly.

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4 responses to “Land Of The Long White Cloud

  1. dude……you’re good at photos! the underwater fish are surreal. love it.

    • It is the camera, it makes a mediocre photographer like me look really good.
      The Aquarium setting is incredible.

  2. Makes me home sick =)