Must See TV

Due to Caleb’s barking, we are now keeping the dogs inside on the days that our neighbour works from home.  The dogs don’t seem to mind being inside all day, although they are fairly desperate to go and pee when Lela gets home.  We leave the TV on for them so that there is some noise and put it on Animal Planet as it is Caleb’s favourite channel.

I have blogged before about Caleb’s TV watching, but today Caleb took his TV obsession to a new level.  Normally, he is comfortable sitting in his armchair to watch TV.

But today when Lela got home she found Caleb had dragged his beanbag to in front of the TV and was laying in his beanbag engrossed in watching a documentary about carnivorous snails.  Obviously that is must see TV if you are a dog.  I am just hope that spending two days a week inside doesn’t turn Caleb into a TV addict.

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One response to “Must See TV

  1. well snails eating themselves means less for dogs to chew on……….. or something like that lol

    Too funny!