For The Love Of A Womble

My dogs, Rory and Caleb, have toy collection that would make any child jealous, however, Rory has one very special toy that she absolutely loves – Womble.

Womble goes everywhere with Rory, she runs through the house carrying Womble, has dinner with Womble, takes Womble to bed with her and if Rory is feeling extra affectionate towards you, she will give you Womble.  Proof of how much she loves her Womble is that when Womble, after many surgeries to patch up holes, was deemed beyond it and put away, Rory stopped playing.  Since Rory is 7 years old we put it down to her just getting old, but when we decided to patch up Womble one last time and gave Womble back to her, she started playing again.   We now have Womble Mark II for when Womble finally bites the dust.

At some point yesterday Rory put Womble on Caleb’s bed in our bedroom.

When I got home Rory was doing her “the human is home” happy dance and followed me into the bedroom and jumped up on our bed as I put away my things.  Spying Womble on Caleb’s bed she enthuastically leaped off our bed and was planning to land on Caleb’s bed to grab Womble.  Unfortunately, in her enthusiasm, she underestimated how close Caleb’s bed is to our bed and lept straight into the mirrored door of our wardrobe.  She wasn’t injured, except for her dignity and immediately grabbed Womble to run around the house with him, leaving me doubled over with laughter in the bedroom.

When you live with a beagle you are never run out of things to laugh at.


5 responses to “For The Love Of A Womble

  1. awww that’s gorgeous :)

    • Her love for Womble is so cute. She will play periodically with her other toys, but Womble is her one true love.

  2. Pepper’s got favourite toys too, depending on where we are. Upstairs it’s cow and downstairs it’s the ball, preferably a tennis ball.

    • That is so cute.

      All of our dogs’ toys are in a basket so they can go and get out whatever they feel like playing with, so occassionally we need to do a big sweep of the house and put all the toys away again. Womble, however, never goes in the basket and if he is accidentally put in there, he doesn’t stay there for long.

  3. unbelievably cute