I don’t usually blog much about work.  What happens at work generally stays there and one can get into too much trouble blogging about their workplace.  However, something happened today that I want to rant about in general terms and that is a lack of respect towards others.

I had an issue with a co-worker today in which that co-worker showed a complete and utter lack of respect and basic unprofessionalism.  Well, I spat the dummy.  Shit like this has been going on for a very long and I refuse to put up with it any longer.  I emailed said co-worker and cc’ed my manager on it basically saying that her actions were disrespectful and how she should have handled the situation.  I got back an email where she basically tried to play the martyr, said everything happened after hours when I wasn’t around etc, etc.  It was all utter nonsense and the siutation could have and should have been handled very differently from how it was.  Said co-worker has a habit of doing things like this and for me it was the final straw, hence cc’ing my manager as I had previously spoken to him about this.

Well, it seems that my manager and my co-worker and her manager are going to have a little discussion about this and other matters tomorrow.  Things are a little tense around here to say the least.  I am hoping that the discussions had will improve the situation, but given the personalities involved I can see things getting very messy indeed.

Is it really that hard for people to have some respect for others?  To treat them like they matter? This whole situation could have been avoid had the person in question thought perhaps I should check with her that this is okay before going ahead. You can be the biggest princess you like out of work, but when at work, you need to learn to respect those you work with and not treat them like your hired help.


3 responses to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  1. ohh I hope it works out :\ take care

  2. Amen sista!

    I have a similar issue with an arsehat at work. Was going to blog about it but decided against it for whatever reason.

    I hope this princess is told to pull her damn head in and bow to your awesomeness babe!

    • Sorry to hear that you have to deal with an arsehat at work. I hope everything works out.

      Whilst I am sure my co-worker will never bow to my awesomeness, I am hoping that she will be told to pull her head in and learn some respect.