Yes, I Am A Geek

My co-worker who sits behind me is disappointed that I have not really decorated my side of our shared wall.  She has up lots of photos of her and her husband at various tourist spots around the US plus other little cutesy stuff.

All I had up was this.

Today I told her I was putting up something else and she got all excited.

I put up this, because I find it hysterically funny.

She was disappointed it wasn’t something more like the things she has up.

What can I say, I am a geek.  I like geeky things.  I am never going to decorate my wall with personal photos or girly things, it is just not me.  I could decorate it with pictures of gorgeous women, but that really isn’t appropriate for the office, therefore geeky comics it is.

Any submissions of geeky comics or other geek things I can put up on my wall will be gratefully received.


2 responses to “Yes, I Am A Geek

  1. xkcd is my life. :)