In A Flare

Long time readers will know that I have fibromyalgia, a neurological/pain disorder that causes widespread pain and muscle weakness. I don’t talk much about it, because since November of last year, I have been in what I guess can be called remission.  My medication has been keeping all my symptoms at bay and I have gotten physically stronger which has helped the muscle weakness.  Because I have been doing so well my rheumatologist and I are attempting to reduce the amount of medication I am on.  I have successfully dropped from two tablets of both Dothep and Lyrica a day down to one tablet each a day and was now attempting to drop the Lyrica down to every second day.  That has not gone so well.  I started on my new medication regime last week and since then I have found myself feeling increasingly exhausted (another lovely symptom of fibro – fatigue) and getting a little achy.  Yesterday, I felt all twitchy and horrible like I was about to flare up and unfortunately, today I have.  I am sore and achy and the fatigue this morning was bone crashing, I simply was not able to get out of bed.  A couple of extra hours of sleep this morning has left me feeling somewhat human and I have graduated from the bed to the couch.  A day of doing not much and an early night should see me back to a more normal level of energy.  However, this has pretty much put a stop to tapering off my meds.  I am now back on one tablet of each of my meds a day and will probably stay on this dosage for a while.

In hindsight, tapering off my meds when I am stressed and injured was not the best plan at all. I feel at my best when I am feeling centred and can exercise.  Fibromyalgia is one of those freaky diseases where doing what hurts  is actually the best thing you can do.  My podiatrist summed it up the best when he said, “Oh yeah, fibro is that disease where you have to keep exercising, isn’t it?”  It is.   If you have fibro and don’t exercise, the pain gets worse as the muscles start to atrophy and then you get into a horrible vicious circle where it hurts so you stop exercising and then hurts because you have stopped exercising and it just goes on and on.  You need meds to break the cycle and then you need to start and then keep exercising to prevent flares.  When you get anxious and stressed, stop exercising and cut down the meds, it all turns to shit.  Valuable lesson learnt.  However, thanks to me building up my muscle strength, this flare hasn’t resulted in me needing crutches to walk.  I hate those crutches.  In fact my legs which were the part of my body mainly affected are feeling okay all things considering.  My fingers on the other hand are a different story.  They are not happy.

Okay, pity party is over.  Law & Order: SVU is on and I am off to indulge in some eye candy.

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4 responses to “In A Flare

  1. hope today is a much better day for you :)

  2. And do you like all this exercising? I know it’s a lot necessary, but are you comfortable with that? Stupid question.. I guess that if it improves the quality of your life, you’re certainly more comfortable with that. :P Hope you get well soon. Take care and keep smiling.

    • Not a stupid question at all. 8 months ago I would have said that I hate exercising, but now I really love it. I feel all antsy and out of sorts if I haven’t at least gone for an hour walk with the dogs.
      I have taken up martial arts 3 months ago and I am addicted, I love it!
      I think loving exercise is all about finding the right sort of exercise for you.