Annoying Ads

Every now and again there comes an ad on TV that has the power to annoy you like no other ad.  This ad from Telstra really annoys me! The fact it isn’t on You Tube so I could embed it also annoys me.

For those who are too lazy to click on the link,  here is the description from, this ad “show(s) a busy female executive who has clearly been busy, and forgotten call to her mum for about 4 weeks. The charm of this ad [this ad is charming??] despite being in the middle of a crucial business deal, everyone at the table implicitly realises that she needs to answer her mum’s call right there and then” .

That’s right, in the middle of what looks like a multi million dollar deal, not only does she have her mobile phone switched on, when it rings, she announces to the whole room that it is her mother and how long it has been since she has called her.  Who the hell would actually do that?   Then when everyone gives her permission to take the call, the busy executive tells her mother that she is too busy to talk to her.  You have to ask what was the point of her even taking the call.  It irritates the hell out of me!

Now why can’t we have more fabulous ads on TV, like this infamous one for the Yellow Pages.

I love this ad!

Tell me what ads on TV annoy you and which ones do you love?

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5 responses to “Annoying Ads

  1. Tall Jan is malicious!

  2. Then again, wouldn’t you be if a swan stole your wallet?

  3. I second the tall Jan ad ever imo. I still get a giggle every time I see it.

    Love the AAMI ad too.

    I HATE the kids with the eyebrows ad…just plain creepy. Those kids are going to grow up to be psychopaths.

  4. This one is not exactly my favorite but it’s being shown on Brazilian TV right now and I think it’s beautiful. It’s called: OPEN HAPPINESS, new Coca-Cola campaign in Brazil right now.

    The one that creeps me out is one where there’s a baby by driving a Hyundai – it’s really scary to me!

  5. Wow. That Telstra ad. The blurb didn’t do it justice… she didn’t even call her mum, her mum called her…

    But the Yellow Pages one. Bliss.

    Haven’t seen the others.